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The new girl…

I see her everyday. We work in different departments but I always catch her walking around or eating alone in the cafeteria. I’m hyper aware of her, even in such a huge building. She’s so beautiful. I have zero balls when it comes to talking to someone I’m interested in. What if she’s not what I imagine her to be. What if she doesn’t like me. What if I tell her my intentions and she’s disgusted by me. I can’t stand it. I don’t even have her and I’m so scared I’ll lose her. I’m going crazy.
[b][c=A69800]Hmmmmm are u really "evil" as u have a pic with that as ur pic..

Anyways it is worth a try talking to this girl, maybe you could ask to sit with her at lunch or something. Some people might prefer to sit alone but it is nice talking to others aswell.. you could at the start try to be friends and see how she acts and or ask her if she is seeing anyone/in a relationship when u know her better.

Talk and get to know her. She might talk to you aswell.

If you never will never find out [/c][/b]
sounds like she needs a friend too, good place to start see who she is where it goes
AlexAndria00 · 22-25, F
Yes, ask her if you can sit and eat with her. Introduce yourself with small talk. (Look/sound confident) That’s all it takes, and from there read her body language to see if she’s interested in being your friend 🙂
Justcallmenameless · 36-40, F
Im betting you have zero balls to begin with.

And if y'all dont like each other then its easy to find someone else.
It's not a big deal, friend her and she will let you know if she is disgusted.
jshm2 · 41-45, M
Looks like the feeling is mutual and she's scared who the creep checking her out is, and why no one is saving her from you.

She doesn't know that you're mostly harmless....
candycane · 31-35, F
Ask her to eat lunch with you😊

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