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I wish you loved me the way you used to

We used to make passionate love. Kiss and look at each other with the most intense feelings that I thought would never dissipate. You told me how special I was. You still tell me occasionally that I’m beautiful or that my hair is pretty. You will still pat me on the butt sending mixed signals. I’ve told you not to unless you want to actually be intimate with me. I want to suggest things to spice up the relationship like toys in the bedroom or a tantric workshop but you don’t make me feel comfortable asking. You make me feel judged and that you would poke fun at those ideas. You rarely kiss me anymore. All you want to do is get high and sit on your computer. If something doesn’t change soon I’ll be gone
Coppercoil · M
I wish i had what you want too.. i miss it.. its hard... it breaks you down over time, and like water against earth, slowly starts to erode whatever you once built so strong. Your screams and please go invalidated time after time, and your heart gets harder and harder over time. And start dreaming about others.. past lovers.. future lovers. Then little signs of much needed affection from others, natural innocent things, hit you deep, and the pull for a romantic connection with someone who appreciates you like your partner once did, becomes ever stronger. Its a slow dying process personally and the relationship. I hope things work out for you and you find someone more well suited to giving you what you deserve, or that he wakes up to haw serious things are if he doesnt. ❤️
@Coppercoil thank you so much for your compassion response I really appreciate it. I hope he’ll wake up too but I doubt he will he’s in denial about a lot of things
gdon39 · 41-45, M
Oh friend I’m so sorry that things have been fading away.

I lost the absolute love of my life one year ago due to a pulmonary embolism. Absolutely unbelievable.

Don’t worry about trying to say anything bc there is nothing you could say.

The point I am wanting to make is that if your love is fading that’s one thing but if he’s not trying to put in the effort that is what a beautiful relationship needs than it’s close to over.

Clear, open, transparent and honest communication is the most important and physical love and adoration are a must too.

I share this with you bc life has no time for less than what you deserve.

I know bc I miss what was the most incredible connection I’ve ever known

If you want to chat Hmu
Justme22 · M
If you need to move on, at least you know you have done everything you could to make him see what you needed. Truthfully it is not much but too much for him to give.
Ohh am so sorry to hear that
@darkknightt thank you. I just need to vent and get it out
@SW-User I can understand that ❤️
@SW-User 😞
@SW-User so so sorry
@SW-User thank you

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