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A good woman listens to her man, a good man leads the way and protects.

WhateverWorks · 36-40
🤷🏻‍♀️ A good man collaborates because you’re both competent, reasonable individuals who know how to communicate, brainstorm and come up with a plan together on how to move forward that utilizes both your strengths
Scribbles · 31-35, F
@CanisterX Did you crawl out of the 1800's? Just curious.
Yulianna · 22-25, F
@CanisterX i guess any woman unfortunate enough to be close to you would end up pretty emotional.
Scribbles · 31-35, F
@CanisterX I'm only going to say this once... If a woman or anyone is "too emotional". You better goddamn listen. Not do the opposite. Because something is wrong.
You want to talk about "good people"? Good people care about men's and women's emotions. They care about each other's wants and needs. They listen and respond with compassion. They don't ignore or dismiss or don't care because it's inconvenient. It's not a power game, It's a fucking partnership.

In my experience and in all the experiences that women I know have had... only rapists and abusers say that a women are too emotional to be listened too. Generally because they suck at processing anybody else's feelings and rights as a human being and because it's too inconvienent for them to be around people who feel things and have wants and needs themselves.

I really hope you aren't an abuser or rapist or become one.
You might want to get a dog instead of a woman.
room101 · 51-55, M
A mnemonic comes to mind........what was's on the tip of my tongue........oh yeah, I remember:

Yulianna · 22-25, F
@room101 😂😂😂
Yulianna · 22-25, F
"a good woman listens to her man"... then tells him to shut the fuck up and find her clitoris. 🤷‍♀️
KiwiBird · 31-35, F
@Yulianna ...and owns a pet rabbit with rechargeable batteries.
Viper · M
Even when the man is wrong?
Well that sounds stupid.
I listen and consider what he's saying. If he wants me to follow he has to show me that it is the right thing.
CanisterX · 31-35, M
@midnightrose The right thing based on your emotions might not be the right thing to do emotions not considered.
ServantOfTheGoddess · 61-69, M
@CanisterX Men do have emotions too.
Reflection2 · 36-40, M
Those days are gone when men were men and women were ladies.
@Reflection2 thank fk for that
KiwiBird · 31-35, F
OMFG a Neanderthal and an Incel all-in-one. What cave did you crawl out of?
This is modern times. Not everyone wants to be lead or whatever.
Name9 · 36-40, F

Ingwe · 100+
a good woman listens and adjusts his thinking
a good man admits
it's a better way

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