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Is it worth it to hold on?

She wants to see me and talk to me everyday. She makes my heart beat a mile a minute. She's so amazing in every way. We're in a relationship but we're not. She calls us lovers and nothing more. Like there's not emotional attachment... but there is. She told me herself she's attached to me. And I'm so attached to her it's not even funny. But she says she's emotionally unavailable. Is it OK to hold onto the hope that she might be one day? Even if I could get hurt? Because right now I would follow her anywhere. If I leave now the hurt won't be as bad as if she leaves later... but what if she doesn't leave? What if I could have the chance to keep her and she changes her mind?
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Wait, so she's saying she's attached to you one minute but "emotionally unavailable" the second? That makes no fucking sense.

My gut is that she's a game player. No es bueno.
SW User
I was attached to someone online once in hopes they would change and they went and attached themselves to the first empty headed mess that would give them the time of day.
She's playing you's a game ..sounds like you are better off without her's not healthy
Chasca · 36-40, F
That’s not healthy for you, imo.

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