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The scope of my Shakespearean library

Let me now, uncover my resources for the eminent Stratford Upon Avon seer

I plan to get much more, for it's my pleasure to rally up all i can on any subject or personage that strikes my fancy

The complete editions so far, which shall serve me well are:

The New Oxford - Critical Edition -- as i follow along with King Lear tonight i am switching over to this one as it includes the parts that the RSC edition doesn't, tis something to do with Quartos ... the lingo i shall master anon that sunny day when mine thick head shall grasp it more firmly. This edition was a little tricky to apprehend, for the kindle version for 50 dollars weren't kindle friendly, i doth needs't an ipad, and an ipad i shall acquire, soon, maybe in March, and then i shall delight in color photographs and other such wonders! So i did find a pdf of this incredible resource, for the plays it has pictures and quotes from famous people down through the ages, but a fine set of Introductory pieces which with their mighty and flowery praise of the Avonic seer maketh the heart to flutter and fallest into deep ravaging love of sweet timeless language which Caliban dids't curse in The Tempest.

The aforementioned RSC edition, which has a way nicer format, but missing those quarto parts alluded to above.

I won't go into details but a few editions of Arden, Folger, and so on.

Studies, besides that which i mentioned in a previous post, a chunky well reviewed biography entitled Soul of the Age by Jonathan Bate. G. Blackmore Evans' Elizabethan-Jacobean Drama, The Oxford Handbook Of and a separate one on the age of Shakespeare.

And then his colleagues, which are as following all in those wonderfully economical Delphi editions for kindle

Christopher Marlowe
Thomas Middleton
Ben Jonson
Beaumont & Fletcher
John Webster
Thomas Dekker

As WS was also a poet, tis good also to factor in the English Romantic Poets, and other poetic giants such as Virgil, Dante, Milton, alack my dear fellows, kind miladies, twixt all the monstrously great stuff, just imagine the hilarity of such whimsical verbal wizards as Lewis Carrol, and Laurence Sterne??!! The firebrand Salman Rushdie ...

The three big French dramatists


Other dramatists

Greece and Roman


Plato's dialogues would smoothly be here inserted

Later on:


Others such as Faust etc

What Shakespeare means for me is that he unlocks the riches of fine literature, my first and only language english is thus doubly blessed now and will from henceforth be enriched beyond measure as i dine on all the great works, from Homer to Elena Ferrante.

May this serve to guide and encourage others here to discover the astounding riches and pleasure literature has to offer, there is nothing quite like it, barring the company of other people, and perchance one's experience of the divine, nothing compares.

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