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Novel #12 - Slapstick (1976)

Right after finishing his 1973 one, Slapstick starts off biographically, ... his mom committed suicide for example, Mark Twain was his favorite author, and he liked Laurel & Hardy, i got some L&H on Blu-ray, i'll now think of Kurt Vonnegut next time i pop em in.

other books currently being read

VALIS and then The Divine Invasion, then The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, these are late career PKD works which i couldn't wait on getting started with. He gets more theological here which is very interesting, it's like if an atheist scientist like Dawkins suddenly did an in depth study of the Pauline epistles. These aren't being treated like novels.

Thomas Ligotti's first 2 story collections in one nice Penguin paperback, in order to tune my mind into the spooky season, next order in about 20 days will see more of this sort of thing, horror fiction is in some ways best in the short format, it would be good also to get good editions of Lovecraft, and so many other names in the weird fiction section. When i step into the bookstore next time i'll be checking if they have so and so for sure!!

The Stories of Ray Bradbury from Everyman's Library, a thick 1000+ tome that is just a helluva lot of fun.

That's it, i should keep it to that, and not be too transfixed with choices. Slapstick ergo with just a little bit of additional reading will take less than a week, as soon as 3 days, it's less than 200 pages. Oh i love these Library of America volumes, as a Canadian i think because of Covid that they wouldn't send things here, i would support them, the more you do the more perks, up to 5 volumes free a year plus you could go to things, i wouldn't ever go to those things however, books take me to where i wanna go. Also they have all of Philip Roth's novels, we actually have somewhere here his Portnoy's Complaint, i think one of our relatives thought we was related to Philip, as we share the last name but it's a common name like Knicklebocker, and Charlemagne. *_*

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