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Jarfff's core assembly of thinkers

My core thinkers are the guys that i love their thought so much, enough of it sticks to me and not too much goes against what i feel to be strikingly true.

1. E.M. Cioran -- Romanian pessimist who had a rough beginning in his writing/thinking career, having been a rabid fuming at the mouth fascist, he thus had to come to grips with his own bad self and mastered the French language and wrote some of the most lusciously dark and comedic observations and critiques. He fuses in more religious stuff, and that is what makes him number one, in a Peter Sloterdijk book he kind of guffaws at Cioran's theological preoccupations, like the world at large has already left religious things behind, but good ole Emil he keeps hammering out pure gold, the best atheist points of view i ever read were from his The New Gods, 2nd essay i believe, through his eyes heresy problems in the early church was like watching an afternoon soap opera, and he slays me.

2. Friedrich Nietzsche -- my life would not have been the same were it not for having read this guy, he probably ruined my life, i would have led a normal life if i were to have remained oblivious to his thought, but i am so glad i did, i get to have these excruciating viewpoints of something i'm embedded in in the blood veins even, and to see that through this iconoclastic dynamo's eyes, un-fukkin'-believable!!

3. Soren Kierkegaard -- this is where i see Christianity being expressed properly to the secular world, what theologians don't do too well, theolgians are like ok so this is what's it's all about because it says this this and that in the bible, which means diddly squat to anyone who doesn't already think that. Soren takes you through the inner thoughts, and shows you what thinking certain things means!!

4. Lev Shestov -- another voice for Christianity, carrying on in a way from numbers 2 and 3, and favoring with #3, he is in the big 4 because of his withering attack on rationality, with Lev, the doors are wide open, you are free at last, but wait, thoughts mean things, understand what these thoughts are, it's a special balancing dance between Athens and Jerusalem.

And The 6 French Moralists:

Montaigne -- i look forward to growing old with his Essays
La Rochefoucauld -- his Maxims are thee classic of the aphorism
La Bruyere -- this is my current fave of this bunch, sharp wit!!
Chamfort -- look up on wikipedia how he committed suicide, if you find it knee slapping funny, we can be friends, we have similar senses of humor
Fontenelle -- he crafted dialogues between historical figures
Vauvenargues -- i believe he had arguments with La Bruyere

and Reformed:

All the Puritans too many to name
and the great Systematic theologies, it's funny that i often get a laughing reaction when i boast about the Systematic Theologies i have, it is indeed hilarious in this day and age

So there you have it, what i'd be reading if i had to cut down to just the essentials.

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