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Poem I wrote and the title is “Past, future and present”

You can’t daydream and fantasize about what can be done in the future. You can’t sit back and wait for “The time to come”. The time can’t go to you until you make the time realize you’re worth going towards too. You can’t live in the past and let your mistakes and troubles eat you alive. You can’t let those things destroy you. Because if you do what’s gonna happen to you? The you that’s in the present and not in the past. What can you do? You may ask. What you can do is focus on the present. Yes, it’s good to look up and be excited about the future and what it will bring but you can’t always focus on that. The quote I love and the quote that touched my heart says this “To order to get to that one hundredth step you have to take the first”. The present is a beautiful and special thing. Why do you think it has that name. If all you do is focus on the future and past you will end up missing the life that you are meant to have. Because every minute passing by, every imagination you are having that can cause you to miss out on the things you could be doing and seeing. So there’s one thing I must ask you. Are you gonna make the time realize that you are worth going too or are you gonna let time fly right past you.
You should read "The Four Quartets" by TS Eliot. The theme in the first quartet is similar.

"Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable."
Every moment, every step is important. Myself, I have to to have the trust and faith that Reality is [i]healing[/i], that it is on our side.

Long ago someone wrote on a forum that our lives can become a succession of anticipations and epitaphs, to the point where the present moment never exists. Strangely, in a certain sense, it doesn't. We are always moving forward, changing. The only extension to the present is intensity, a deeper intimacy with a Reality that can only be "known" as love.

Anyway, all the best

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