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A quote on introverts

“Im an Introvert and that’s fine.” ☘️

People often label us as boring or say we lead monotonous lives, implying we lack happiness. But in truth, being introverted is incredibly enriching. We are discerning, with high standards for appreciating the world around us.

We cherish creating our own space, immersing ourselves in music, writing, and movies. This personal sanctuary is our way of finding peace.

We adore rainy days—the sound of rain, the roar of thunder, and the warmth of a cup of coffee while watching comforting films. Being introverted isn’t about being strange; it’s about seeking refuge from the noise, drama, and constant exhaustion. We build a world where we feel safe and secure—not out of fear, but to conserve our energy for those who truly understand us.

Quiet solitude doesn’t make us odd; it allows us to set boundaries against the chaos and negativity of others.

We enjoy spending time with those who share our vibes. We appreciate well-planned trips and the company of a few, genuine friends who understand, accept, and inspire us. Indeed, “few friends but real friends” is our motto.

We process our thoughts carefully before speaking, ensuring our words are considerate and thoughtful. We love to observe and have a unique ability to disregard those with negative energy. It’s our superpower.

If you’re an introvert, know that your happiness matters. Find your tranquility in solitude. You are strong and resilient. Your life is your own, and it’s beyond question. Create a world where you find peace and quiet. Be authentically you.

—Lj, (Writer’s Blossoms)

Art by. 🎨 0_00jakup
Primnproper · 56-60, F
When I see it laid out like this I can see I am an introvert even though others may see me differently. I’m quite happy with my own company, music, movies, books and puzzles. I don’t need to be out all the time except for walks.
Thanks for sharing.

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