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I Like a Good Quote

An unbelieving man once encountered a Christian & questioned him; "who created God?". The Christian answered truthfully; "No one created God. He is eternal; He has no beginning and has no end.". The unbelieving man counted His words ludicrous and ridiculed him away, but the christian called him back & spoke; " you have asked, 'who created God', and I have answered you truthfully yet you scorn me. God created the human mind so do not expect that you will be able to grasp even the a fraction of a quarter of His being. And if I chose to lie to you instead, saying "yes, God was created", you would go on again and ask, "who created the being who created God?"; and if I were to go on again & answer that to your expectation, you would ask even further, "who created the being whom created the being whom created the being whom created God?"; and then I shall answer that to your expectation, and on and on and on, we would continue, until we shall both die. And when in death, shall your knowledge profit your soul in anyway, saving it from hell? - since your biased heart sought after knowledge rather than life eternal instead - and have I not so much as damned my soul to hell too in that I sought to please your ears, telling you lies?

Indeed there is knowledge abundant, but in knowledge there is right and wrong knowledge, in that only one is profitable for the soul. Seek it with wisdom."

-God's Poet
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Lincoln98 · 22-25, M
You have a lovely day, dear sir.

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