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This is for the happily married or happily taken people [I Have A Random Question]

[b]2020 has been a rough year for everyone around the world. [/b]It has effected us in so many ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. Due to social distancing, it's been hard for many people who are alone and have no social circle outside the internet.

Not speaking for every person who is single since some have no desire to be married. But the ones who do and are waiting for their soulmate, any advice or words of encouragement on how to cope with Valentine's day approaching in the new year?

[b][/b] Question #2
When you were single, how did you get through Valentine's day every year before meeting your soul mate?
#1 I suppose that you could either take stock of your search, but you probably do that, with a gloomy cast to the thoughts. If you could hold it at arm's length and see what assumptions you might have made which could be standing in your way, it might help, but...

Being able to be happy with yourself is a great way to attract ppl; needy or desparate do not often work. But fun, happy, open/approachable are very endearing & alluring.

But in that day, get yourself some flowers, a fav treat or dinner, and enjoy it as a day you are celebrating you.

#2 When I was very young, it hurt me, esp. when I was in love with but not actually with a specific person, or when I wanted to find "the" one. I changed my outlook by realizing that there were a range of "the" ones out there.

But the emptiness, loneliness...yeah. 馃槪
Aquarius3941-45, F
@SomeMichGuy Thanks for the advice.
Before my husband came along, I had no interest in romance nor feel the pangs of desire. I had absolutely no idea what that was. I considered Valentines day and irrelevant holiday that did not pertain to me. In my first two decades, men were responsible for nothing but horror, pain, and unhappiness in my life. I certainly wasn't romantic. In fact I was very leery of men in general (other than my adoptive father ). But then he just waltzed into my life and all of that changed. He was so eloquent and perfect, and he romanced my socks off! I was shocked that I was so excited and giddy over a man and that I had become one of those [i][b]fools[/b][/i] I had been so critical of.
But I did. I simply had no idea how powerful romantic love was. He taught me how to love by example, and I am glad I didnt know what I was missing. The pain and anxiety would have been terrible. Ignorance was bliss. 馃槈
melbeacher56-60, M
This will be the first Valentines Day since my divorce and I am looking forward to it !!!
Aquarius3941-45, F
@melbeacher Good for you.
DownTheStreet51-55, M
Be thankful for your freedom to do as you please
Aquarius3941-45, F

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