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Do you support King Charles the 3rd

Queen Elizabeth II was much loved monarch,
Due to Prince Charles treatment of lady Diana,
I can see him being a lot less popular,
Although that being said I think it’s important to give him a chance,
Prince Andrew just needs to disappear.
Prince William now Prince of Wales - most property king William the 5th will be more popular.
GLITTER · 36-40, F
I don’t think he will be relatable at all. Idefk why Andrew is allowed to be involved in any of the tv appearances and if he has got to be there, they should make him walk at the back with a hat on showing the world he’s a pedo, makes me cringe seeing him trying to gain sympathy
Gangstress · 41-45, F
.its a good time to readress whether monarchy should exist. Imo. No they shouldn't.
Whilst i felt sad after the queen died. Thats now gone
Justmeraeagain · 56-60, F
Being an American, of course, I don't have a right to say I support or do not support any of the monarchy .
I find it all fascinating, I confess.

I hope that he does well for your country.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
beyond me why the world still celebrates a bunch of inbreds whose family instigated many of the world's atrocities...

they should all be stripped of their titles and wealth (which was mostly built upon the misery of others)
nedkelly · 61-69, M
Yes, I actually like King Charles and he will continue the legacy of his mother. So what if is different as we all are different to one another
Barny52 · 56-60, M
Think he will be a good king, the crowds lining the streets in Scotland today show a deep feeling for the monarchy it makes our history live on
TexChik · F
I don’t get involved in brit politics:
@TexChik Don’t ya wish they wouldn’t get involved in ours? Hahaha
Diana herself was no saint, though... she was having her affairs as well.

As for King Charles... he hasn't reigned for a week yet. I have a feeling that he might surprise people because he's not as stupid as people make him out to be.
I’m ambivalent about the Royals.
They are good for tourism.
And we’ll have to have an investiture for the new Prince of Wales
As Charles had in the late sixties
nedkelly · 61-69, M
@TheSirfurryanimalWales Massive tourist industry and brings in more money than people realise
nacnud · 31-35, M
Time will tell but I suspect he will be a good King. I also suspect he may step down when he reaches 80/85 to let William take over.
ShadowWolf · 31-35, M
Aside from tourism, I really see no point in a British monarchy anymore. The whole point of a monarchy is to rule. It's been quite some time since a British monarch has done that.
Centuries actually (1649). England was one of the first countries to lost it's absolute monarchy status.
Constitutional monarchies serve no purpose other than an unnecessary tax sink.
@ShadowWolf sounds like you are envious of the fact we have a king and you dont.
ShadowWolf · 31-35, M
@nevergiveup Not really. Just wondering why it still exists if it doesn't actually do anything. Biden is more of a King than Charles is. Because Biden can actually make policy/sign it. And has executive order. Not that I'm a fan of him, or that either.

Let's look at some facts:

1. In the 1200s, the Magna Carta removed divine privilege from the English King. Taxes cannot be levied anymore by the King alone. The King now must abide by his own law.
2. In the 1300s, parliament further took power from the King of England, by requiring parliamentary consent for lawmaking. Furthermore, in the 1500s, parliament gained serious veto power.
3. The English Civil War saw the monarchy abolished in historical context in the 1640s. No more would be the absolute monarchy, and no more would a King or Queen actually "reign" as an actual sovereign.

Funny, how I need to show you your own damn history.
Like the new PM i will give them a chance to prove they are up to the job.
I really doubt he holds her charisma, dalliance.. But I think somewhere, if we held up people the way we do with them, there may be less poverty, trouble? I am born with certain dna, appointed, anointed, imagine if the average person was given that grace?

I mean no disrespect, but I do hope conversation starts, what it is we hold in high regard?
God save the king
AntisocialTroll · 56-60, F
I think it's time we scrapped them all.
AntisocialTroll · 56-60, F
@TheSirfurryanimalWales Why do we? What did the royals actually do that we would need a president for?
@AntisocialTroll good question...but most countries without monarchs have Presidents.
AntisocialTroll · 56-60, F
@TheSirfurryanimalWales 🤣 But see that don't mean we have to though does it?

We should in theory have a prime minister that's chosen by the people me thinks but I really don't see why we would need a president just because we abolish the monarchy.
carpediem · 61-69, M
As an American it’s none of my business. I only wish the Brit’s had the same attitude and would butt out of our business.
i don't support monarchy which keeps people supplying the upper class with a comfortable life while all else suffer.
Yes, I hope Charles the Turd has a happy reign, after all , he's not political, just a puppet
No. Once the period of mourning is over I hope we take steps to become a republic.
AnonymousJSS · 22-25, F
Charles and home wrecker Camilla need to disappear!!!!
Nah. I don’t support pedophile satanists..
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As an outsider, I really have no idea how Charles will do, but I Hope he does well for his subjects. But as far as the monarchy itself, I hope the majority can have the kind of government they want.
Unquestioned · 70-79, M
The monarchy should end now. Queen Elizebeth was the best, lets end it there.
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