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Should They Retire Joe Before November, Or Let Him Slide Until January 20, 2025,?

After The Dems Make The Cackler Their New Candidate For the November Election?

The dem's top doners want Joe out. Money talks, but Joe doesn't want to go. If he won't resign, the only ways out are via the 25th amendment or death. And Congress probably can't get enough support for the 25A. 🤷‍♂️
TexChik · F
They really don't have a choice or there would not be all the media hype.
TexChik · F
@Carla pfft. Joe has over 3600 delegates. By rule he needs only 1630 to get the nomination. Unless congress evokes the 25 amendment ( which takes a bipartisan effort ) there is nothing that can stop creepy Joe from running. The media tried to hide Biden’s infirmities and now act like they just happened?
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
@TexChik 25th would never work, republicans would oppose it just to watch the democraps squirm that much more...
TexChik · F
Americans should decide on a viable alternative to the Dems and their conservative old news. We should vote outside the parties and elect Jill Stein, the green. She's with the majority.
pdxlinux · 41-45, M
if you dont know debbie wasserman schultz then you dont know the Dem party

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