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Biden’s Middle East War is getting Uglier By The Week.

Trump sanctions allowed Iran $3 billion per year
In oil exports, when he was in office.
Biden has Allowed Iran $80 billion per year in oil
Biden’s Iran policies, and Iran oil profits, is funding Iran’s terrorist proxies and the Hamas slaughter of
Jewish people.

Just ONE of the reasons Trump is leading in all the polls,
And why 60% of Americans want Trump back in office
And Biden OUT.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Ever wonder why the US is a pariah state especially in the middle east? Ever wonder why Russia does not trust the US? Ever wonder why China thinks the US is a joke? Ever wonder why the US is losing influence in Africa?
The US is financing both sides of the conflict under Biden.

Under Trump, the gov't stops fleecing the tax payers and peace will break out. Never forget the Abraham Accords.

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