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Should We Bring GAZA Refugees into the U.S,

Support them like Our Southern Border
Immigrants, and provide them a path
To Citizenship?
Do we have any more room in our
Sanctuary cities?
IM5688 · 61-69, M
Should We Bring GAZA Refugees into the U.S? NO.
Even if they were civilians, they were the ones that voted in Hamas and have been under Hamas control.
Letting them in would be like giving aid and comfort to the enemy, a treasonable offense.

And suppose we do let them in. What do you think will happen when these people will have to live among, and work among our American Jews? Do you really think they will be accepting of that?

We are asking for more trouble, more violence that we cannot handle. We can't even handle the problems the pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protesters, and Joey boy wants to bring in more?

Joe Biden is insane and does not belong pretending to run our country.
No. Obviously everyone should be free to go anywhere, but coming to America only completes the genocide. The genocides we do not mention were many, and nobody has the right to return. Let's stop allowing that to be the end of a removal.

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