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Why Is Btm8% Biden Worried About the China Fentanyl Problem?

[b]He's killed 100,000 plus with his Open Border Policy
and ensuing Fentanyl surge, including this guy's

100+K have died each year of fentanyl ODs since Biden took office.
Are you shittin’ me? Biden is so mentally fucked up, he has no comprehension of the onslaught of death he has released.
The sooner he is dead, the better.
Wait, are you telling us that Trump's "big beautiful wall" didn't stop any drugs or immigrants?? He built 500 miles of walls - are you telling us it's all a waste of money???

And are you telling us the illegal drug users are NOT responsible for what they do to their bodies?? Have you thrown "personal responsibility" under the bus in your [i]Biden man bad[/i] quest???
spjennifer · 56-60, T
Isn't it interesting that it's the people on THIS side of the border who are ODing on Fentanyl, no demand, no supply. You can't blame drug addicts on Biden, any more than you could on tRump or any of the other Presidents in the past. Before Fentanyl it was Oxy, before that Meth and before that Crack, sadly addicts are gonna use, OD and die, no matter who's President 😵‍💫

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