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I Hate Donald Trump

He has failed to build the wall yet
Mikemcneil · 61-69, M
He's failed to do anything except play golf and use Twitter. Cards Against Humanity purchases border territory to stop Trump's wall, gets legal advice and builds trebuchet, to make it stick
Glassysky · 22-25, M
How come the US made and paid for Israel's from tax dollars?
Your every president is Israel first.
Johnbkr · 31-35, M
Most illegals fly in legally and then just never leave. Wall wouldnt do much
walabby · 61-69, M
It was never going to happen... America fence off the Rio Grande?? Never!
jackson55 · M
Don't blame Trump, it's the do nothing congress.
Mikemcneil · 61-69, M
@jackson55 Congress is majority Republican so what's his excuse?
jackson55 · M
[@ That's right, he can only do so much with a do nothing congress. I guess he could do like Obama did and go around congress with executive orders.
Mikemcneil · 61-69, M
Trump has issued more executive orders already than Obama ever did. Why don't the Republican party support Trump?
Shadowstep · 26-30, M
The wall is just a facade, it makes people feel safe when it actually doesn't do anything at all
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MURD3RM0NK3Y · 26-30, M
The wall wouldn’t do anything anyways
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