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I Want to Be Happy And Make Others Be Happy

I just bumped into someone from years ago he worked at a fast food place I was a manager at. He was a crook but a good heart, and he often (not always) worked hard for me cos I gave him a chance and respect. I was repaid often with greatness often with rubbish.

So now hes still with his girlfriend and has a job painting. And he is so grateful to me. Even though he got sacked for stealing from there eventually, he thanked me so much tonight for everything I gave him. Such a buzz to know he's found the straight and narrow. His teeth were even healthy!!

馃槀 Yeah, the teeth, we have to keep improving, eh.

And yeah, it does feel good when eventually someones comes up to you and say thank you. We are always touching lives, just that we are not aware of it, at the time it was happening. Validation comes at a later time.
DreamCoCreators36-40, M
@SW-User aye. We know it really, it's generally what drives me, but we don't know if we're making enough impact to swing things around. That depends on whether the person can truly access what we are saying / doing, whether it's proximal enough for their current belief system to stretch to.
JerseyGal51-55, F
It takes one person to help someone turn their life around. It's such a great feeling to see that happen!
DreamCoCreators36-40, M
Isn't it just!! Makes everything else we do worthwhile too @JerseyGal
JerseyGal51-55, F
@DreamCoCreators It sure does. Not everyone is grateful for what another attempts to help them with, but just to help even one is worth it!

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