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I Want to Be Happy

I could do a thousand know? Like studying, traveling, dating... I dunno... a bunch of things...yet those things would never bring peace to my heart... It feels like an alarm... just louder. It keeps on ringing and it's being a while since it started blinging right in the bottle of my soul, increasing its buzzing till it banged my heart, echoing through all my actiong. Will I let it ring nonstop? Won't I answer the calling? I'd being watching life going by me, but in a different way for some time now and I wondered: Will I ever fit in? Will I ever be accepted? I feel like that's not the right way to do it. You must listen to your beating heart, seek a real pupose to live by, start it all over. Show the world there's another way of living! Do never ever just let it ringing, answer the call!

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