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I Thank You For Your Support

Since I wrote that post, I took a shower, which felt quite cathartic ,and had some time to look through every individual comment and wanted to say, thank you...It is kind of people to take the time, read through and then try to show their support through an empathetic comment, positive thoughts and wishes and ofcourse, reality, which is truly not that complicated after all..but sometimes being simple is the most difficult thing alone..
Again,I digress.
I also wanted to say, that I would like to sometime share the entire story of how I met my husband,how we started a relationship and how we ended up is almost like a movie,or a telenovela ,as we used to joke with each other,it should be a book..
I feel very bittersweet, a part of me despises him,I am not gonna like,as I am sure a part of him despises me too at this point of the relationship. We were together for close to 6 years now, which is not a long time, but I was only seventeen at the time that we met,and so I guess it is a long time for me. I now recognise very clearly, that I jumped into things quickly, I acted very impulsive, and despite my parents best efforts, as per usual, I did what I wanted to. I just want to point out,I am happy in my life, I have a loving family, I grew up in fact in a very loving and stable home,as funny as that might seem considering my really poor dating choices and my liking for much older men (no,I do not have daddy issues, I love and admire my father and his relationship with my mum dearly, just really wanted to clear that out),and I am currently studying something that I am very passionate and excited about,in fact im grateful to have my studies, because it really has been a getaway from home and my marriage. Anyway, there is a lot about me, about my life,I want to share...but I guess I will do that another time.
Once again,thank you for your kind comments,I hope you all keep safe and happy
Oneofthestormboys · 100+, M
Sounds like you’ve had a hard time.
Having said that, you seem like a well rounded person that will be ok in life. I wish you well, and God bless x
Cheesecake · 61-69, M
It clearly helps you to write this down, so carry on. It's interesting to learn about you and your story.
You'll be okay, ultimately 👍🙂

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