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What goes around comes around

I just read someone’s post about her uncle taking so long to tell about him buying some potatoes and how she felt about it. I thought to myself what a miserable person she must be to have such a bitter and frigoriffic heart. It really unnerves me to think that there are people like this in our society; Even worse is knowing that my grandkids are part of the same society. I cannot help but feel some kind of pity toward her, why, I don’t really know. Maybe because she might’ve faced some kind of hardship as a young child. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for children that’s had a bad experience in their upbringing. I’ve never condoned anyone with this kind of attitude and I never will. I don’t know what made her this way but there’s one thing I do know; The day of reckoning will come to her door and she’ll have to pay the price, whatever the cost may be. I can’t help but think that she’ll remember her attitude towards her uncle. In every situation I try to look at it in every way so I can learn something from it. The one thing that I’ve learned from this person is to try my best to become completely opposite of what she is and to show everyone the upmost respect. Because, what goes around comes around.
PoetryNEmotion · F Best Comment
My friend, she is quite full of anger. I feel sorry for her. To be so young and hateful and to post here to bring it all with her. For what reason? She is likely a sad, lonely person. She has no power with her hate. I cannot even call her a troll; she hasn't even achieved that lowly level. Maybe she will see how living that way can come to no good. Who knows?
Waymor · M
@PoetryNEmotion Yes you’re right. As I said there’s no telling what she faced as a child to cause that kind of hate. I choose to show compassion instead of judgment. After all it could be me.
@Waymor She is in her 20's. At some point she has to face the fact that she is an adult. I took a brief glance at her profile. Seems her mouth is full of poison. She may learn she won't get far in the world like that. She has a whole lifetime to learn.

Thank you for best comment on the angry potato commenter. Back to work for me. Hope your day sings!

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