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Experience: Grateful to be housed!

I recently had a scary experience with housing insecurity. I mean, I've come close to losing housing before and have actually been homeless but this time was super scary because most of my resources were cut off and I literally had no idea what I was gonna do to keep a roof over my head plus I'm injured and unemployed.

I pay my rent weekly and we can't get behind at all. My bank account got comprised so I didn't have access to what little I had in there and I had no way for anyone to wire money to me. Fear gripped me, it was crippling fear. I said aloud, God I trust you, you're faithful and immediately began to contact friends and family even though I can't receive fund deposits.

Through that situation I learned that people anonymous or not can donate directly to my rent account without money passing through my hands at all. I also learned that more people care about me than I thought.

God didn't give up on me and my heart was lifted just knowing people cared enough to help me for a few weeks while this got resolved. While my faith in God had not been shaken, my faith in humanity has been restored.
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Praise be to God! Amen 🙏🙏🙏

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