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The world can be so beautiful..

I beleive that reality isent real. Everything is temporary and pointless. Consequence and control are words of fiction.
But theres something beautiful and blissful about that. A complete lack of control. Existing for the sake of existance, able to leave whenever you want with no impact! Full choice. Do what you want!
I beleive that reality isent real.
Are you a solipsist?

Teachers of Zen allegedly used to have a technique for dealing with students who make claims like "reality isn't real." They would take a bamboo stick and tap the student on the head with the bamboo while asking the student to deny the bamboo stick.

Anyway, I agree with you that there's great beauty in our existence.
Laddu · M
@ElwoodBlues maybe she means its temporary as all humans pass away one day

kinda like a hotel not a home
@Laddu OK., I hear you. But from my perspective, that means we are the temporary ones.
When the Japanese zen guy Dogen was in China he was meditating in a monastery when the guy beside him slumped forward. The Master gave him a good wack with his stick and shouted out:- "How dare you sleep when seeking to drop body and mind!"

Dogen had a moment of deep insight.

How on earth can Reality be unreal?

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