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Was a fun day at work

[image deleted]
Dshhh · M
GODDAMN! a B29? what kind of work gets you that!
Dshhh · M
@NightsWatch I DO know some about the SR 71. I knew a guy wqas an electronic tech worked on them
now whats the about Russia?
@Dshhh when looking to source material it became apparent that the U.S. not only did not have enough titanium. But also it was of low quality.
Well... Russia had plenty an of very good quality.

So the U.S. bought it through 3rd party businesses and shell companies.

....then turned around and flew it back to them .... at mach 3 with cameras attached 😆
Dshhh · M
@NightsWatch fucin AWESOME
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@Misspotat hahah no
Get to work around several ww2 warbirds this week .
That is a B-29. Then there's a B-17, B-25 , and a AT6 Texan here .

There staged at a local airport and fly to the EAA air show. And back several times a day.

So we get to get close to them.
We aren't allowed in them because there basically on stand by for there next flight.
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@Misspotat 😑

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