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I Am Sick and Tired of ******* Propaganda

No Blaire White, it's called not all trans want or have the money for surgery to fit into gender stereotypes, you can still be trans and not have surgery to get tits. I wish people wouldn't make it all about them.

[quote]"Transgender" is not an exclusive club that we can bar people from because they refuse to conform to cisnormative ideas about bodies and gender.
鈥擲am Dylan Finch, a trans man who was bullied by transmedicalists[/quote]

Also want to point out this link:


I like Contrapoints video better where she goes through different debate points using different characters from different political views, that glitter in her beard is beautiful 馃槏

[quote][b]Can you explain to me the difference between a male brain and a female brain?

Are they different colors?[/b]

I'm not an expert. But there's science showing that men and women have brain differences.

[b]I see.

But your doctor never looked at your brain.

So how did he know you have gender dysphoria?[/b]

Well he asked me questions and I told him about it.

[b]And you told him what exactly?[/b]

That I experience gender dysphoria.

[b]So would you agree then that your gender dysphoria

and therefore your identity is valid

not because of any observed facts about your brain,

but because of your fffffeelings?[/b]

Well congratulations Attorney Frank-N-Furter,

you backed me into a corner.

Sure, it's because of my feelings.

My feelings of gender dysphoria.

[b]So tell me, Tiffany Tumbles,

why is it that your feelings about your gender are valid,

but mine, according to you, are not?[/b][/quote]

CountScrofula41-45, M
Contrapoints is my fave youtube channel, and yeah the section about Blaire White is awesome.

I get Blaire White has seen a decent amount of success by being a right-wing trans pundit but holy crap is her position tenuous. She's found this very narrow space of acceptability in the right wing world where only SOME of her political movement wants her dead, and so si desperate nobody spoil this very narrow place she's built for herself.
SolveEtCoagula31-35, F
[@624254,CountScrofula] What's worse is if this was the opposite and Blaire wasn't fully transitioned but identified as trans, the same people she aligns herself with would ridicule her. The only reason they like her is because she still fits the hetero-normative culture. If she looked different, it would be a different story.

My best guess is that she most likely was treated like shit at some point and liked the attention she got once she looked like a real woman, somewhere down along that line she clearly forgot her values in lieu of being accepted.
CountScrofula41-45, M
[@394395,satanburger] Right. And she it is possible may have been treated like shit/alienated by progressives because that certainly happens. Hell Natalie Wynne was driven off of twitter by her own fans recently.

Trump has been so aggressively anti-trans that she's no longer siding herself with that movement though, so that's something.

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