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My father and I just had an argument over abortion.

He believes it is morally wrong. Which in my opinion, is quite ironic, considering he payed for three in his lifetime 馃 hmm
rottenrobi56-60, F
Don't argue with him about this, he can have his opinion.

What he can't have is the final decision.
The frustration the conversation brings you is not worth it.
nedkelly61-69, M
Simple - your father has no say at all, he should allow be allowed his opinion but that is all
It's a very fraught subject. I'm unequivocally in favour of a woman's right to choose - but I know from several personal experiences the emotional scars it leaves on the woman. A measure of last resort when contraception has failed.

I do wonder from time time what it would have been like to have been the father of a 34-year old, had my then-girlfriend not had a termination which I paid half of.
No one in their right mind likes or wants abortions, but it's a necessary evil. Funny how pro-lifers completely forgets about 'life' after they are born..
You鈥檙e not keeping his child?
Pretzel61-69, M
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TessDun36-40, F
Maybe he has suffered enough after that,,if you鈥檇 go through what he鈥檚 been through perhaps later in life you鈥檒l understand,,
@TessDun Do you know something about [b]her[/b] father that she doesn鈥檛 ? 馃
TessDun36-40, F
@bijouxbroussard Hence, the word 鈥淢aybe鈥
MrGoodbar51-55, M
that's called entitlement - everyone has to follow the rules but me.

Also he is wrong, its a women's right to choose
NaturalBeautyQueen41-45, F
Whether he pays for it or not, it is still your body, your choice. He doesn鈥檛 get the final say. You do.
Pretzel61-69, M
do as I say, not as I do
Dv8rs18-21, F
Arguing is futile, especially with hypocrites. When it all boils down to it, its about an individual's freedom, and if wanted or needed an individual should have the right to have an abortion.
ScrewThisImDone26-30, F
I heard a story today about a guy who paid for his sister's, then apparently felt so guilty about it that he got himself snipped afterward. That was a decade ago and he still treats her like trash.
KA9ha31-35, M
first get an idea as to why he was forced to get them done.......
it is a realization in life that it is morally wrong.
@KA9ha And [b]if[/b] he was 鈥渇orced鈥.
KA9ha31-35, M
@bijouxbroussard regret it would not be thrice in case of "IF".... more in terms of financial stressing and inability to earn for support of a family.
@KA9ha The choice to have it done was [b]the women鈥檚[/b]. His choice was to pay for it. The circumstances beyond that can鈥檛 really be assumed.
Love all those that love life ... puzzle over those that do not respect life ... and speak for the defenseless silent who can not defend themselves ... till the last drop of your life.
It could be paying for those three actually changed his mind over time. Or something else got to him. That can happen and people are allowed to change/be forgiven for the past.
TakenDown23246-50, M
In my opinion, abortion is wrong because it ends a life. But sometimes it is the best solution.

Did your father pay for abortions to three different women?
why did he pay for 3 abortions?
@SW-User Seriously -- I got the third one free.
Deadish31-35, M
As a walking contradiction I feel attacked
olderguy201670-79, M
You do what you feel is correct
ozgirl51226-30, F
Guilt methinks....
vetguy199151-55, M
Hmmmm indeed
That is indeed ironic
What a dick.
SkeetSkeet100+, F
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