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Fungirlmmm · 51-55, F
You know that embryo dumping bothers me. Not from a political standpoint, but why would you create life only to destroy it? I understand that they can't use the embryo for implanting but why can't they use it for future medical miracles that may require DNA matching? I would think that if there was some benefit to the additional embryos most those parents went to a lot of trouble to make them so they would keep them if it benefited their child possibly in the future. I don't think embryo donation and adoption processes would be bad either. Lots of women and men would love to be parents and supposedly there is a shortage of babies to adopt. Just my thoughts this evening.

I do believe every woman has the right to do with her body as she wishes though and whether that is the same mine is irrelevant. That's between her and whatever creator or non creator she chooses to believe.
Fungirlmmm · 51-55, F
@bijouxbroussard Good point. You would hate ro be sued for paternity later.
Fungirlmmm · 51-55, F
@Northwest It just makes me sad. I know they have the right to do what they want and I support that, but it just makes me sad.
@Fungirlmmm absolutely agree with the best use idea, they should be used for something but only in America can we get our panties in such a bunch about it. And the number of hot button issues on SW is so limited and boring...abortion being one of them.
I'm really suprised they aren't telling women to use them before they expire and trying to force pregnancies (again).
@canusernamebemyusername It surprises me you don't know that never ever slowed down.

Pretty shapely women are worshiped cause they can bear YOU a pretty and maybe a smart kid.

STOP IT EVERYONE JUST STOP IT!!!!!!!! Meanwhile read your Margaret Atwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or let someone else read it to you all you SW illiterates!!!!~
Yes it is, but ugly politics is about controlling REALITY itself. Hard work being the business of grown ups...
I wish I could like this more than once. That is so true.
Wales · M
It seems such a private matter should not be a political issue.
@Wales Nothing about our personal lives is private anymore. Politics did that .
You’re absolutely right. That’s precisely what it’s about. Controlling women’s bodies.
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@Stereoguy Killing is still illegal all u hypocrites.

How many anti abortionists love PEACE and stopping aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran and 73 other colonized countries around the globe that YOU don't even know about???

How many anti abortionists DENY global warming and the threat of nuclear obliteration, and how many anti abortionists know how much poison is still in our BABY FOOD let alone everything else we ingest?

How many anti abortionists know what GLYPHOSATES do to kill us all with slow torture?
@Stereoguy u could care less mean you care about this issue of abortion

so what is your position about it? what's your position on militant anti abortion-ism and discrimination against women in general?

You said you COULD care less.

I really respect people who think before they publish

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