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So let me get this straight: Biden refuses to step down even though most want him gone but Trump is the threat to democracy?

Adrift · 61-69, F
I found it better for me to not to try to make sense out of nonsense.
Nothing people say or do seems to add up anymore.
Ontheroad · M
Most do not want him gone... unless there is a chance for someone to replace him as the nominee that can beat Trump.

Most, even a resounding majority, want one thing... for Trump to not be the president.

At this point, there is but one person who has a good, maybe better chance of beating Trump, but she does not want to be in the rat race.
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carpediem · 61-69, M
@AmericanAvenger The voters voted for Biden. You can't just dump him without him resigning. And if you 25th the guy, why have you been lying to everyone for so long about his condition. The democrats screwed themselves by lying. Meanwhile, Trump is gaining amongst independents and centrist democrats. His poll numbers are rising and the lefties are unraveling.

The media also screwed themselves. Some of the more clear thinking watchers of liberal media now realize their favorite lefty media outlets have been lying like mad. The Russia nonsense, the laptop lies, etc. And they see for themselves how bad Biden is even though they're told he's just fine. They're pissed off and rightfully so. Interesting times.

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Stefanv · 56-60, M
Because he is not a robot the privileged elite can programme!
Musicman · 61-69, M
Yep! I do believe you've got it. 😂😂😂
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AmericanAvenger · 56-60, M
@IM5688 It is exactly what they accused Trump of doing: refusing to yield power.

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