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Should The US Sell Vietnam Vets In Drafted Peonage To Russia To Pay Off Social Security?

Should The US Sell Vietnam Vets In Drafted Peonage To Russia To Pay Off Social Security?

Now I know what many of you are thinking. Didn't the US pass laws from 1867 to the 1940s banning Peonage? Only within America (and the Phillipines). If you use a iPhone, or shop on Temu, you've benifited from Slave Labor.

Would rules don't apply to Vietnam Vets?

Naw, not really, you can just draft people from that era and send them anywhere overseas to fight for whatever reason. Ask them, they know, they will tell you, they will say it happened to them.

I was at the VA earlier today:

and heard a bunch of old Vietnam vets talking, really ungrateful for what the US did to them, sending them to Vietnam and having their legs blown off. They spend all this money of foreign wars in Ukraine and keep taking it out of Social Security.

We (the United States) bought them nice reclining wheel chairs in return for living in the jungle, the kind that lets you fully horizontally and stick your stumpy legs up in the air while you rest out in the sun. But such luxuries doesn't phase them, all they can do is complain.

Then I started thinking about all the old men Russia drafted and thrown into the trenches:

Some of those guys in the pic have prostate issues.

If Russia found it could make use of old men wearing leg catheters by throwing them into winter trenches holding old Mosin Rifles, then they might be interested in outsourcing foreign troops, from places like the United States. Our veterans are much better trained in combat than a similarly aged Cuban.

My idea, developed from years of listening to arguments by the Cato Institute and the Objectivists on how to change US Policy:

We mass conscript all the Vietnam Vets out of retirement homes, give them M14s, and send them to Russia via open air barges towed by tug boats, traveling from Alaska to Vladivostok. Russia in turns pay us Rubles, which we can then apply to the Social Security Deficit. That alone might not be enough to pay off Social Security, but the sudden drop of senior citizens recieving pay would be a massive benefit. It would at the least go a long way.

The troops can then be loaded onto cattle trains, and sent to Donetsk, where they can be loaded into smaller cattle trucks equipped with slides in the rear, and then brought to trenches on the front line, pushed out via the slides, acting like a handicap ramp, dumping them into the trenches.

Then, sonated US Bradleys under Ukrainian Army command can attack their positions. Rinse and repeat with new waves of vets, and watch the US Dollar inflation fade away.

Vietnam era soldiers, who were not the greatest generation (their fathers in WW2 were) can finally learn the true meaning of patriotism, and how the United States operates, if they didn't figure it the first time around, and the US can finally balance the budget.

And these guys don't exactly have to suffer long anyway. They are old, have cancer, need (expensive) chemo therapy and countless other drugs for all sorts of expensive ailments.

What about the guys who can't walk? All the guys do in wheelchairs just sit there. We can give them motorized tracked wheelchairs and turn them into a mechanized combat regiment, mounting machine guns on their chairs:

Are we really just going to stand around and let them did with dignity? That's awefully expensive, and we deserve better from them as a nation from these takers. We can be making money off these ungrateful old bastards.

I'd like to thank The Cato Institute for teaching me how economics, statecraft and morality should properly interact, it's a Synergy. This post wouldn't be possible without their influence over the years. Down with the Jones Act and OSHA.

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