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Ford CEO say Americans need to break their “addiction” to trucks and SUVs. Ford recently stopped making cars, and now ONLY makes trucks and SUVs

Photo above - electrified Ford 150 lightning, in search of a charging station?

(full disclosure – this writer currently drives a Kia, and has never owned an F150)

When the CEO of America’s largest truck maker says stop buying trucks, is that good advice, or cynical PR concocted by the boardroom? Wait, it can be both things at once, can’t it? (see link below)

Jim Farley (Ford) went on to promise they were working on a $30,000 electric car. There were no prototypes or even drawings shown. Ford currently makes only 2 electric vehicles: the $60,000 Mach-E SUV, and the $90,000 “lightning” battery powered pickup. American automakers pay UAW assembly line workers $140,000 annually under the recently signed contract. The union landed this deal after President Biden joined them on the picket line. Whether our president was intellectually impaired when he did this is a matter of conjecture. Whether Ford CEO Farley is intellectually impaired is perhaps equally a matter of conjecture.

There IS, of course a solution to the impossibility of $140,000 guys with screwdrivers and pliers kicking out $30,000 electric cars. They can be built in Mexico. Or Ford could buy them from China, and rebadge them with a blue oval. Seriously . . . if you can see any other way for this to happen, please share the good news in your reply.

The Kia that I own was built in the USA. Someplace like Kentucky or Tennessee, I believe. It cost $30,000, +/-. Because it runs on gasoline, there aren't $10-$20,000 worth of lithium ion cells, weighing 800 pounds, strapped under the floorboards. Kia’s similarly sized electric car starts at around $45,000, and can quickly top $50K if you think the base model is too humdrum.

I do believe one day that I WILL drive a $30,000 electric car. I DON'T believe it will be made by Ford or General Motors. I don’t believe the assembly line workers making these cars could possibly be paid twice or three times what a teacher earns, no matter how quick on the draw they are with their pliers. And I don’t believe anyone will need massive tax incentives to buy a $30,000 electric car.

I’m just sayin’ . ..

~Ford CEO says American car buyers need to break this addiction (
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
start manufacturing in the south (away from the clutches of the greedy uaw unions), and re-produce models from 20-30 years ago (before everything became oversized and impractical), they'd sell like hot cakes...
dale74 · M
@wildbill83 i would work there for half that.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
@dale74 If someone opened a car factory here offering $16-20/hr starting, they'd have a line a mile long...

and they'd be more skilled/technical workers than those northern union pukes... 🤔
dale74 · M
If they quit making cars and want us to stop buying suvs and teucks what will they sell.
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