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To Those Who Pine Away for Gavin Newsom to Be the Next Democrat Nominee for President, Let's Recall Who He Was Once Married To...

Is that the type of judgement you want in a presidential candidate?

To have married someone who is now Donald Jr.'s spouse?

Does THAT show that he's a good judge of character?

We're talking about someone who would nominate Cabinet secretaries, judges and potential Justices to the Supreme Court!

People divorce, sure. And if Kimberly Guilfoyle had went onto to marry say some furniture guy (oh wait, she did), well that's one thing. But then to divorce furniture guy and marry Donald Jr.?

Or is that just her way of getting back at Gavin for having an extra-marital affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of his then-campaign manager?


The affair, first reported by The San Francisco Chronicle in February 2007, took place in late 2005 while Rippey-Tourk, then 34, worked as Newsom's appointments secretary, and while Newsom and Guilfoyle were still married but in the throes of divorce.

"Everything you've heard and read is true," Newsom told reporters during a news conference at the time. "And I am deeply sorry about that."
beckyromero · 36-40, F
Trump brought out a lot of infrequent voters out in 2016.

There are always some cross-party voters. But I certaintly wouldn't describe Trumpets as "Dem-leaning."

In the 2016 CNN exit poll, only 8% of Trump voters had a favorable opinion of the Democrat Party.
Jennster · 18-21, F
werent the Trump’s Democrats and Dem-leaning until Obama?

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