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How many times is Biden going to disrespect the 13 soldiers that he got killed in Afghanistan?

First he checked his watch as their bodies were being carried off a plane and then he claimed that no lives were lost on his watch at the debate. He completely disregarded their memory and sacrifice. Can you imagine being a parent or sibling of one of those fallen and have your president completely blow them off like they didnt count?
@AmericanAvenger He owes them a huge apology. But consider this...he had a team of 16 people preparing him for the debate over 10 days. His statement about not getting any American military killed was a rehearsed statement. His handlers told him to say that.
AmericanAvenger · 56-60, M
@BizSuitStacy No way Trump would get away with a lie like that. CNN would be still talking about it right now if he did that
TexChik · F
To be honest, they consider everyone but them expendable.
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