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Rudy The Red Nosed disgraced former lawyer update

Rudy The Red Nosed was booked in Arizona for his involvement in trying to overturn their November 2020 election. No word yet on whether they tested him with a drug screen and blood alcohol test. He posted a bond (thought he was bankrupt—what bondsman would take this deadbeat up as a client?)

Yesterday Rudy The Red Nosed defamed AG Fani Willis by calling her a [redacted] at a Far-Right “Christian” Rally. The fake christians (small “c” intentional) cheered the disgraced former mayor and lawyer’s epithet.

Rudy The Red Nosed said that he’d drop the epithet “if she’d just quit and go away.”

In other news, Rudy The Red Nosed coffee business has just closed and gone bankrupt. Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” disgraced former lawyer.

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