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The Houses Passes One Of The Most Critical Bills In Years

The 192 nay votes come from absolute traitors. Fingers crossed that the Senate takes this up and approves it as well.

TexChik · F
I was so glad to see that.
Klaus must be miffed!
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
It's a relief that all GOP members passed this.
What in the Orwellian Hellspawn!?
@Amyrakunejo the fight isn't over...
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Confined · 56-60, M
@jshm2 We can already move money electronically. A central digital bank is nothing short of slavery. It means the end of paper money. I still like to pay cash for some things.
NO paper money, no tooth fairy, no baby sitter, no street venders.
How about the people that do not have a credit card? They will be blocked from having money. What if all your money you earned over your life just simply vanished. Under the new digital bank it is 100% possible. Canada did it to the truckers. The radical left wants to bankrupt its enemies.
They understand news moves too fast for print media. Money moves faster than it can be printed too.

You must have gotten your econ degree from UCD... University of Communist Dumbassery.

CBDC is an essential factor for moving currencies into the modern digital era.
No it's not. Banks already move trillions daily through their cash management systems. That's not even close to a valid reason to convert to a digital currency.

They understand news moves too fast for print media.
What in the hell does that have to do with digital currency? Oh right. Nothing 🙄

Money moves faster than it can be printed.
Again...so what? You might think this sounds clever when you say it in your head, but you're blabbering economic gibberish. You're suggesting the gov't in conjunction with the central bank needs to increase the money supply to keep up with M1 velocity. That's how a state of hyperinflation can be created, you dimwit.

The whole purpose of a digital central banking system is to connect it to a social credit system like they have in China. If your social credit score gets to low...you don't get to use your money. They have the social credit software developed in Ukraine. Just load it onto your phone and it will connect to your bank account.

You have no idea what you're talking about, but since I brought it up, you're going to oppose it. You truly are a useful idiot.

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