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Eric Trump having visual hallucinations?

Eric Trump went on FAUX Network for an interview with Laura Ingraham where he claims over and over that > 100,000 went to Quad Indicted’s “rally” at Wildwood, NJ.

These are demonstrably FALSE CLAIMS ( which should surprise absolutely no one who is familiar with Ingraham’s shows) as photographs taken of this event demonstrate a crowd size of < 20,000 and likely < 10,000.

So, is Eric simply copying his (failing) father and making up false facts or is there a darker interpretation of his fabrications?

These types of fabrications (or let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that they are visual hallucinations) may simply represent dementia or drug use in three successive generations of QI’s family.

It’s sad that in that heritage there is such little expectation or hope of measurable intelligence.
Vin53 · M
The venue capacity is 40k. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
@Vin53 By the way, did you see all the pics of QI’s hair yesterday?

Vin53 · M
@KunsanVeteran No. And its going to stay that way.
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
He's a GOPer -- do you expect truth in his statements?
KunsanVeteran · 61-69, M
@ChipmunkErnie Well, at the very least FAUX should have drug tested him.

Don’t they say “Fair and Balanced”?

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