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Should Anti-Israeli Protestors (aka those at Columbia U, etc.) Be DEPORTED If Convicted for Breaking the Law AND If They Are Not American Citizens

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Yes. Green-card holders get deported all the time after convicted of crimes, even for misdemeanors.
No. Non-Americans have a right to destroy property and prevent students from attending class.
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Guardian · 56-60, M
American or not they should be charged, prosecuted and pay the fine or do the time! Including being booted out of their school! Agent Provocateurs should be expelled!
Patriot96 · 56-60, C
Cuba or Venezuela
They must need and should be deported no matter what they are NOT ! wanted or needed here clean and clear period !
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fanuc2013 · 51-55, F
@beckyromero "Palestine" was invented by the British after the Ottoman Empire was expelled from the area after WW1. Israel predates Palestine by thousands of years.
@beckyromero the Phoenicians are the Palestinians. But it would always be accurate to say that respect for human rights escaped your understanding forever and nobody will get anywhere talking with a NATO lover. No negotiations with the irredeemable evil.
beckyromero · 36-40, F
@fanuc2013 [quote] "Palestine" was invented by the British after the Ottoman Empire was expelled from the area after WW1.[/quote]

That is not accurate at all!

@Roundandroundwego [quote]the Phoenicians are the Palestinians.[/quote]

That is not accurate, either. It would be more accurate to say that some historians believe that the Palestinians may have descended from a region previously inhabited by the Phoenicians, but who today are culturally and linguistically Arab and who overwhelming practice the Muslim religion.

"Americans" (as in people that live in the United States) do not generally descend from Native American tribes that occupied North America before the arrival if Europeans. A very small percentage do, but nearly all do not. Those that don't neither share the same culture, language or religious beliefs of Americans descended from European settlers ("invaders" as the native tribes were describe) or the African Americans descended from Africans brought over during the "slave trade" centuries.

The Phoenicians, mostly a collection of self-governing city-states were sea-faring race, disappeared long ago. After some of them founded Palermo, they gradually disappeared. According to the historian Vadim Jigoulov, the height of their civilization was 1200 BC to around 330 BC.

But since so little of Phoenician literature survives, much of what we know about their origins and civilization derives from other cultures and civilizations of those times. Although contemporary Greek historians believed that Phoenicians referred to themselves as Canaanites some three thousand years ago, that may or may not be accurate.

Carthage was founded by Phoenicians, ultimately to be conquered by Rome.

Around 540 BC, most of the most of the Levant was conquered by Persia, although the peoples there were granted some automomy.

Alexander the Great of Greece later conqured the area. And then of course the Roman Empire conquered the area and the whole region was Romanized. It stayed that way until Muslim Arabs conquered the area around 640.

It is a fascinating topic, one that we should all do more to read about and study.

But just because many Lebanese and others in the area have some traces of Phoenician DNA does not make them Phoenician. A 2003 study of men from an area "stretching from northeast China to Uzbekistan" found that one in 200 of them (16 milion, or about 8%) are direct descendants from Ghengis Khan. Countless tens of millions more undoubtedly descend from his conquering armies. But that does not mean that all peoples in Asia should be describe as Mongolians.

However, for you to say that there was never of state of Israel or that Jews do not descend from the Levant region flies in the face of history. You're entitled to your opinions of Jews, however badly you feel about them. But you are NOT entitled to your own facts.

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