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Pro Israel are one of two kinds. 1/people who skipped to episode 80 to justify gen*cide of a population who were oppressed Through episode 1 to 80

Or 2/ support Israel simply because theyr r*cist l*natics who money and the matrix guide them .

Exactly the same reason why South African apa*theid lasted for very long time and why Nelson Mandela was a terr*rist according to the United States until 2008 And everything was complicated.
most of the simple rights you have in the USA happened because of a minority that went against the brainwashed matrix who blindly followed the empire
but now the same matrix believe those are Simple rights and how could there have been a dispute about them lol.

one of the first “terr*rist “ organizations made to resist this settler terr*rist aggress*r colony
Made by immigrants who came on boats from Europe claiming They’r indigenous and brutally stole lands
Were Palestinian Christians like George habash
It’s not about religion and Muslim problem with terrorism
Or hating Jews because they are Jews cuz that land alway had jews in it but
Palestinians hate zionism and Israelis because they stole their literal home regardless of their faith and still occupy the remnants of their lands and build illegal settlements on them
And treat them like f*cking animals
It’s not complicated it’s not hard and definitely
It’s not two poor sides

That Jewish man like many others were very vocal before the 7th of October
But no no he’s an anti self hating Jew lol
Anon066 · 31-35, M
like you said people live in a false reality because of being propagandized from the time they could walk, and it's the zionists doing the propagandizing. basically every problem in the western world can be traced to it. people seem to be waking up but it's hard to undo decades, probably centuries, of brainwashing.

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