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Is there going to be any way to vote against the wars in Ukraine and Taiwan?

Both parties still offering just wars and more domestic failure in the US?
The Republicans will avoid war, but off course you'd get all the rest of their policies with that.

The Democrats will send arms and army trainers to Ukraine, and would definitely defend Taiwan with full scale war in order to keep the international zone in the China Sea free. And of course, you'd get all the rest of their policies with that.

There's no way, short of a national referendum, to vote solely on the issue of war. To get a referendum, you'd probably have to start a nationwide campaign and keep going till the polls showed you had at least 70% of the vote in every state. The trick would be how to word the question. Presumably it would involve a change to the constitution that said the USA could not fight away from it's own shores or boundaries and could only go to war for direct self defense. This would change the balance of power around the world.

North America is by far the largest arms manufacturer and dealer in the world - which means has an economic interest in all forms of armed conflict.
@hartfire so, no Party or candidates against war at all,? I suppose people knew - Americans are one hundred percent against peace with no alternatives in your minds, ever.
I'm sure there are millions of Americans who, as individuals, prefer peace and live peaceably.
American individuals are not, and cannot be, the same as the USA as a nation. (The same is true of all nations.)
In general, the Dems have a stronger record of starting and sustaining wars,
while the Reps tend to avoid and retreat from them.

I find this odd, since the Dems usually support a greater social safety net and greater social equity,
while the Reps support almost unlimited capitalism and expect families to look after their own.
On the basis of those values, I would have expected the policies on war to be reversed.

I do think most of the world knows that America goes to war at least once every 10-20 years.
Maybe it's a way of maintaining practical experience for their armed forces.
Maybe it's a way of using up young men as cannon fodder.
Maybe it's become some kind of political or economic tool.
I really don't know.
Mostlymeat · 100+
@hartfire We do it NOW "for our own self defense". ANY excuse is acceptable

NOBODY even believes the Hiroshima?Nagasaki bombs were for anyone's defense

They were actually trying to surrender

That's more human nature than anything made up
AbbySvenz · F
Except there’s this thing called “diplomacy,” where you do all you can (within reason) to avoid going to war.

Lending arms, training, humanitarian aid, imposing sanctions and the like are all still valid options.

Did the US jump right into either of the world wars at the drop of a hat? No, but neither was the decision to go to war when the time came one that was made on a whim.
Mostlymeat · 100+
I think world citizens regardless of country...have such rights
Once we had a place called the United Nations and we found ways to get around all that...

So we do it vicariously now

SPEAK UP AS MUCH AND OFTEN as u can to all responsible outlets and other people in the know
Its the only real peace organizing there is anymore

and have we noticed many people don't have the bucks to go "out" and do stuff much these days?

Ok that's it from me now
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
America will say it's defending it's interests. Whichever party is in power.

Tough sell to the electorate who've seen this again and again over time so I doubt they would be consulted on the issue... because there's no guarantee the government of the day would get public support for it.
Mostlymeat · 100+
@Picklebobble2 at least until we are all hip enough to understand "WE" means all RICH sellouts in the top one tenth of a percent

and "interests" is the interests of anyone who is not YOU meaning not in the loop and struggling hard and asking why???
Bumbles · 51-55, M
I support both wars.
@Bumbles everyone knows Americans have no alternatives in mind! War only is so you. Negotiation with Americans would be stupid.

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