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We are either not willing or incapable of solving the biggest growing problem today

This country has absolutely became anemic and on life support over the sheer idea the gov't would invoke restrictions on people getting shot and killed
whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
The NRA has bribed the politicians to see the idea that "freedom" comes with owning a gun. Ironically, that makes you nervous about what yout neighbour or the guy at the checkouit has in his pocket and you buy a gun to make you feel more secure.. American gun owners are about the most paranoid people on earth.. Just try to force them to get rid of their guns and find out..馃樂
@whowasthatmaskedman The NRA helped change the interpretation of the second amendment.

The weapons of the Founders' time couldn't be used to mow down crowds in minutes. Period.
whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
@SomeMichGuy And everyone forgets the "well ordered Militia" part..馃樂
@whowasthatmaskedman Actually, even better, it's

[quote]A well [b]regulated[/b] Militia[/quote][i](Emphasis added.)[/i]

...yes, inability to read by gun crazies is a prob.

And the law actually speaks of the National Guard as BEING that Militia mentioned in the second amendment!
fanuc201346-50, F
There have been restrictions on that since biblical times! The problem is with our current crop of prosecutors and politicians.
Graylight46-50, F
@fanuc2013 Ooh, you know what else we used to do? Drill into skulls to release bad spirits. Burn people alive to cleanse their soul. We sold opiates and heroin over the counter. Kept women from voting and entire societies from speaking their own languages or teaching their children. We used to lynch black people, too. We used to scavenge the carcasses of picked over carrion and wash with muddy water and paint on cave walls.

Mmm, the good 'ol days.

And please. let me know where in the Bible guns come up. I really want to get that on a t-shirt.
We're not a democracy. We can't address climate change, inequality, the deadly roads or the overwork. We can war forever.

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