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Not Trying To Give Ron DeSantis Ideas, But..

Israel Police started clashing with haredi rioters in Jerusalem Monday evening after a disturbance broke out due to opposition to the sale of non-kosher cellphones.

The protest was at first allowed to take place by police, but what started out as a demonstration soon descended into a riot in an attempt to damage the cellphone store.

According to the police, the haredi protesters were also making "cynical" use of small children in the front lines of the protest to block traffic as they stormed onto the road illegally.

Protesters also threw an object, damaging a passing bus.

Police ordered the rioters to disperse but they refused to do so, throwing everything from plastic bottles to expletives and insults at law enforcement.

Kosher phones used by the haredi public are designed to prevent their users from accessing the Internet, and, originally, phone services with sexual content.

Approved devices are all “dumb-phones,” meaning they have no Internet access, can only make and receive calls, have no camera, and cannot even receive SMS messages.

The phone numbers themselves are also distinct, and have specific digits after the company’s prefix, so that if someone calls from a service not approved by the rabbinic committee, it will be immediately apparent that the caller does not have a supervised phone number and device.

The rabbinic committee, which controls the kosher phone users' ability to switch services, only approves certain companies and blocks phone numbers from its customers, meaning members of the haredi community were not able to keep their numbers assigned to the kosher phones even after buying a smartphone.

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel introduced a bill in 2022 to reform what has been described as the monopoly of a rabbinic committee over the haredi kosher cellphone market. He also called the rabbinic committee's monopoly an "injustice that has affected half a million customers in the haredi community."
Bloody cowards!!

This is exactly how the Taliban militants took over Kashmiri villages….they used to hide behind street kids or use kids as shields when the Indian army fought them on the village streets….such cowards.

So I’ll not be surprised if that same extremist terror is behind this ruckus. Those men need to grow balls and stop destroying things…ughhh!
Graylight · 51-55, F
@Vivaci Let me ask you this. Where does it rank against lawmakers and leaders using kids as ideological shields for policies and agendas that can only hurt them in the future?
Lol…that too. But I’ve seen(attended) these kids debates at the state level, and national level. It’s a very healthy give and take of ideas and reforms at the grass-root level.

I wouldn’t compare that to a physical threat to a kid who is at the forefront of protests that might turn into riots.@Graylight
Graylight · 51-55, F
@Vivaci State-sanctioned antipathy ruled an otherwise evolving city and gay-friendly town here in Orlando. They created every impediment they could, even outlawing "safe zones" for youth in immediate trouble. And inevitably, Pulse happened. There is absolutely a correlation between toxic ideology and action.

Now we're invalidating some students' families, barring them from using terms because they're 'inappropriate' or 'undesirable.' We're telling them who they may be is wrong and should be hidden if not eradicated. We're saying "[i]you're [/i]'s [i]these [/i]people we don't like." Say enough about the wrong topic and your salary can be pulled or you can lose a job or your organization the funding it needs. Imagine the caliber of the next attack.

Other groups work like this, true. Cosa Nostra, enforcers, scoolyard bullies. It's never been a good look.
Graylight · 51-55, F
Are you completely sure this [i]wasn't [/i]Florida?
Thomas52 · 70-79, M
This is truly educational for me. I've never heard of such a thing as a kosher phone. It just goes to show that fanatics/puritans/literalists in all faith groups are actually the same in their determination that everybody else should follow their narrow view of life and their equal determination to violently attempt to impose said view.
Northwest · M
@Thomas52 Rabbinical authorities controls much of Israelis' life, and increasingly so, with the latest extreme right wing, religious-driven government.

When we hear of Sharia laws, we tend to have blinders on. Sharia comes in many flavors.

The DeSantis rhetoric (and similar views in the South), point in that direction. I'm old enough to remember how the emergence of the so-called "Moral Majority", took us in the wrong direction.
Thomas52 · 70-79, M
@Northwest I agree 100% with your general point, and also remember MM as an alluring but ultimately false doctrine. I am not too clued up on the details of the DeSantis ideology so refrain from comment on that.

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