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Would you please curb your enthusiasm?

If you liked Seinfeld, you will love Curb Your Enthusiasm. The genius behind Seinfeld (Larry David) produced his own show, and it's about his real life.

Larry moved from New York City, to LA. He bought this modest home. But he offsets his carbon footprint by buying a Toyota Prius. Yes, that's how it works. Follow the science.

Yes, Larry is a liberal, but even liberals realize how stupid they are, so he is making fun of himself.
This is just a short clip to show you who he is.

So here is my point.....

My brother is an electrical engineer. I told him that I thought electrical "brown-outs" were just a milder version of an electrical "black-out."

He explained that black-outs are just a matter of science. "We ran out of juice"

Brown-outs are intentional. Wait, what? Yes, wealthy people don't like black-outs, so they prefer that only the poor go without power.

Anyone with a brain knows that we aren't prepared for electric cars. Our power grid is ancient and should have been updated. We are having black-outs and brown-outs right now. What will happen when we go fully "green"?

People will die, and it won't be the rich.

wildbill83 · 36-40, M
blackouts are a physical loss of power (downed lines, transformer failure, etc.), brownouts are usually too much pull on system (pretty much same effect as tripping breaker in your house) which either throws breaker on top of power poles or at sub stations; the further you are from a sub station, the worse the effect; system can't compensate quick enough for a huge drain in amperage (like a bunch of AC units or chargers kicking on).

In some cases where it doesn't trip breaker, the power runs in diminished capacity; which is where the intentional part comes into play, when power supply is diminished, they'll shut off residential grids to keep full power for commercial/services grids (i.e. emergency services)

Most power grids are already near max capacity for normal usage, with very little in reserve for peak usage (hence all the summer power surges, blackouts/brownouts) which requires companies to purchase power from neighboring grids/energy producers ("green" companies especially since they have no redundancy)

The average American household uses about 30kw hours of power per day
The average electric car requires 30kwh for 100 miles of range

So basically, doubling the load on a system running at 80-90% capacity already...
JimBeam · M

Are you saying that the electric companies don't shut off power to certain areas?
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
@JimBeam they do, either to prevent overtaxing system, or to keep from running over quota (power companies don't like having the buy power from competitors, especially at premium cost)
JimBeam · M

Is Hollywood in danger of a brown-out?
Tminus6453 · M
Ive heard of that show but never seen it... looks good
JimBeam · M

It's brilliant.

Cheryl Hines, plays his wife. Larry's manager told him about some condoms with a "delay" cream/spray on the inside. His manager said that you can go forever.

Larry got some, but he accidentally put it on inside out. lol

Not good.

The first episode I stumbled on, was when Larry went to get about five hamburgers to go.

He looked in the sack, and he only got one paper napkin. What's up with that. lol

So Larry just grabbed a handful of napkins, and bolted for his car. Shortly after that, there was a cop behind them with his lights on.......lol
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