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Our system really shows no real intelligence either with Sex Work.

It's so functionally braindead. There's really no way for a ban to work out in such a way that would actually help sex workers.

if you need a lengthy explanation, if you criminalize the purchase and not the sale you put sex workers in the unfortunate position of being forced to protect their cl intel, which means essentially if someone pulls up they'd better DART into the cart lest the john gets spooked and drives off second guessing his decision which denies them time to actually properly screen the John.

Plus it will be abused in conjunction with other laws like say for instance a Sex Worker is renting an apartment, if her landlord knows and looks the other way can be hit with pimping charges even though to be frank the landlord didn't participate in ANY way, simply was aware of the situation and chose not to evict and report.

If you Criminalize both sides you turn the Sex workers into Criminals.

Also, if your premise and rational for being against sex work is essentially that Some people work in the industry but don't want to be there I can sympathize but banning it is the wrong approach when Safer alternatives could be provided.

it honestly irritates me, I've confessed to having a pet peave for thoughtlessness and sex work is just one of those issues where society has clearly not thought it's way through this one. At least my position is the product of actually investigating and listening to sex workers themselves.

The nail in the coffin for me though was the realization if you criminalize selling sex then you turn the women who do into criminals which actually obliterates their ability to earn an income in any legally sanctioned fashion, essentially trapping them in the industry just to make bank

We don't live in a sane society, we live in a fundamentally sick and mad in the sense of insane one. Our so-called civilization is broken, at the most vital and inner core.



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