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Far Right is on rise in European nations. What do you have to say about it?






No one knows Far-Right better than me because I was a member of Far-Right in my country. After learning that they are just feeding me false facts, lies and wish to use folks like me to wide-spread hatred, I left them forever. I have posted about it in here before. You may check my profile and see those posts if you wish to.

I really don't like the level of violence Far-Right folks use and the hatred they hold for immigrants but [b]their concern is genuine.[/b]

The way some European countries are accepting refugees and asylum seekers from Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Tunisia, Albania, Morocco, Lybia and etc. since 2010, chances are Europeans might be outnumbered by these immigrants.

There's no issue in accepting refugees and asylum seekers but the problem begins when within these refugees (who genuinely need help), the mayhem causing herd starts demanding Sharia-Law and disturbing the peace of a happy nation. France and Germany is suffering the most.

There's no denying to the fact that young refugees and asylum seekers (not all but some) are trouble makers. They do get involved in illegal trades, they target European women and brainwash European teens to become Muslims and then join terrorist organisation like ISIS and others.

[b]I certainly don't say that all Muslims are terrorists. The ones who say and think so are absolutely wrong.

However, the side I just spoke of cannot be ignored either.[/b]

There's an old saying:

'When in Rome do as Romans do'

Refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants must understand that they have to embrace the culture of the country they are migrating to. The country won't accept their senseless demands.

Shara-Law and hijab, borqa & veil and pork ban has no place in Europe. Those who do not wish to accept this reality then they can go back to where they came from.

Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Norway have already denied citizenship to refugees and asylum seekers. Lots of them have been deported. Right move! Nobody would entertain trouble-makers in their country.

I feel sorry for the refugees who did no harm. Yet, suffered because of the ones who caused havoc.
ArishMell · 61-69, M
Thank you for your honest assessment based on "inside information".

The fears you mention are real and widespread but try to raise them and you are likely to be called a "racist" or inhumane without any analysis or consideration. Then the politicians wonder why extremists start to gain a foothold.
A comment on your point on refugees. I have some friends from France and part of the problem there is a blatantly racist immigration system that makes it virtually impossible to get honest, legal work or even work at all unless you are white, and preferably catholic. And this goes all the way back to the days of the war in Algeria. No surprise the riots is Paris a few years ago were in those same communities. You make it impossible for people to contribute than impose austerity to make their lives even harder and things will blow up. A friend of mine one told me if you are a refugee in France your best chance of getting honest work is to get citizenship by joining the Legion Etrangere and getting yourself shot.
Sadly this has been going on for awhile it is just that they don't have to hide in the shadows anymore.

A few years ago DW I believe it was did a mini doc on how people in rural areas of the former GDR were being driven out and these small towns were being overrun by basically neo nazis. They were leaving the major cities and looking to create their own little towns because it is easier to counter police infiltration and surveillance which was breaking up their efforts in major cities.
Elessar · 26-30, M
Meh, I don't know, it's always projected as the potential winner at every election, but let alone for Poland and Hungary so far they haven't gotten much.

Over here (🇮🇹) they've been trying for long but ultimately failed to stay in power for any longer than one year, and always in a coalition with ideologically-opposed forces (which alone is a joke, but it is what it is)
SoLeRiMix · 31-35, M
[@44863,Elessar] Well, Poland was smart enough not to accept refugees and asylum seekers either.🙂

This is the issue with Far-Right, they may resolve the threat to majority but economic planning is not their forte. This goes for Far-Right everywhere.

Far-Right if begins to consider economic growth and development as their goal and does the needful then they may stay in power for years.

Sadly, they just promote hooliganism which may solve the immigration problem but other sectors suffer badly because of this approach.
Elessar · 26-30, M
[@1078904,SoLeRiMix] Arguably Poland is in a geographic and economic position that leaves them choice, another thing is if you're the first European country in an immigration route and/or a relatively rich/resourceful country that can't play the "we can't accept them here" card, and I can assure that in such case you can do very little about it.

The most vocal anti-immigration party here has been in the executive in 2018 (until the guy in charge in a delirium of omnipotence managed to kick his party out of the next majority), and is currently in the new "super-majority" under Draghi, and yet, they did very little towards the problem, aside from no longer screaming and thus attiring the attention on it of course.

They solve nothing in the end, if you ask me. Those parties have powerful propaganda machines but once they're in charge are clueless, if we're lucky, or destructive if not.
Dshhh · 41-45, M
I really appreciate this post, and your unique perspective on the rise of the right.

"all X ( people) are not Y (condition) "
bad actors of every kind ruin it for the rest of us.. i will enjoy reading your post about your struggle with ideology
SoLeRiMix · 31-35, M
[@686055,Dshhh] Hope you like my struggle. My family saved me from becoming a monster.🙏
Slade · 51-55, M
Good News!👍

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