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The GOP isn’t doomed. It’s dead.

"To those Republicans who can read: You own all of this. The party isn’t doomed; it’s dead. The chance to move away from Trumpism, toward a more respectful, civilized approach to governance that acknowledges the realities of a diverse nation and that doesn’t surrender to the clenched fist, has slipped away. What comes next is anybody’s guess. But anyone who doesn’t speak out against the myths and lies of fringe groups, domestic terrorists and demagogues such as Trump deserves only defeat — and a lengthy exile in infamy. Good riddance." - Kathleen Parker
JeanAnna · F
I agree. It used to be the Grand Old Party, and now it's nothing but lies, conspiracies, and violence. They are ignoring the home grown terrorists because they want their votes, pathetic.
[@891327,JeanAnna] Yeah I'm guilty of being rather distantly left wing so you know i'm actually free thinking because no one told me to be a radical and yet that's how I am.

And yeah when she shut three prisons down recently I was BTFOED (blown the fuck out.) because it was like holy shit not 6 months ago I posted in response to a Ted talk to signal my loyalty with the prison abolition movement and I thought it was a long hard road out of hell I didn't expect to get anything done except leave a comment.


Kythra the suntamer
Kythra the suntamer
6 months ago
I've been inside one of those facilities for a couple days and if my head were not glued on tightly all being inside a cage for 4 days or so would have done is made me new friends who were released relatively shortly after I was from the same facility, one of them was a boy who lived at the house just after my neighbors, so two doors down.

I pried his mind for tips on shoplifting without getting caught- Anyone who thinks this system is reforming people is naive, they've never seen the inside, they've never seen interactions between prisoners, if anything Going to Prison will teach you to be a better criminal. [/quote]

so I thanked Governor brown.
[@891327,JeanAnna] I like to remind people too of the fact that with Fentanyl I heard a journalist ask his dealer how he got his job- you know what said?

his exact words?

Oh I got locked up for something similiar and met people in prison.

And I was like uh huh- exactly. Normal people have Resumes, criminals have wrap sheets, the thing is that that wrap heet is your resume to the drug lords about what you're willing to do.

people don't get it, they just do not understand how utterly cynical and savage I can be.

if this system worked it it would have corrected this shit out of existence but it's actively backfiring and my point in bringing this all up isn't to brag or anything it's just my savage way of making a poltiial argument because I'm trying to point out that the system is broken at the core, it's not that prisoners are not treated humanely enough, its that the whole fucking system is fatally flawed.

lets just take all the criminals and put them in one place where they can organzie and talk to each other - thats a great plan.

NoahB · 26-30, M
its a nice fantasy but don't fall for it. they said the republicans were dead when obama won too and they came back worse than ever
[@960372,NoahB] what ISN't fantasy is the Demographics shift will doom the party in the long run.

... I wish it was already dead....

"Jews will not replace us" uhh bro they already are somewhat.
That title really bugs me:

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