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And Now, A Word From Marjorie Taylor Greene

Did you know that PG&E started Camp Fire with space laser?

Marjorie Taylor Greene said that PG&E started the devastating Camp Fire in 2018 with space lasers in a clean-energy experiment gone awry.

That Facebook thread has since been deleted.

That post detailed a long, meandering conspiracy theory involving Pacific Gas and Electric Co., former Gov. Jerry Brown, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband, space-based solar generators and unnamed people who claimed to have seen “what looked like lasers or blue beams of light causing the fires.”

“The idea is clean energy to replace coal and oil,” Greene wrote. “If they are beaming the suns energy back to Earth, I’m sure they wouldn’t ever miss a transmitter receiving station right??!!”

The post includes references to the Rothschild Inc. investment firm, a frequent subject of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that are monitored by the Anti-Defamation League. It also falsely alleges the fire that ripped through Butte County was along the path of the state’s planned high-speed rail line, which in reality is hundreds of miles to the south.

I'm sure she'll do fine representing her Georgia district in DC.
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QuixoticSoul · 36-40, M
That lady is dumb as a rock.
Standard MAGA stuff, really, only more colorful.
windinhishair · 61-69, M
Space Laser Lady is a nut case requiring intensive therapy.
Northwest · M
[@339454,windinhishair] I think she was watching Real Genius on Netflix.
Carla · 61-69, F
She will be such an asset to our educational system and to Americas youth.
Space laser fire starters, pedophilic cannibals, executing Democrats, these are all things our children need to know. Not to mention the liberal history (liberal history?), that needs to be excluded and the real history needs taught. You know, the civil war was faught to ensure states rights and the confederates were heroic figures to be celebrated and revered.
Not to mention they all need to know that trump was the GOAT and tried to save the country from the evil, communist, socialist, fascist, everyotherist Democrats.
OggggO · 31-35, M
Why would we beam the Sun's energy to Earth? It's already doing that for us.

Also, for a moment I confused PG&E with P&G and I was like "What does a consumer goods company have to gain by starting a massive wildfire?".
Northwest · M
[@580625,QuixoticSoul] I did some experiments around this while a student, but it's definitely not what the dummy is talking about 🤣
Northwest · M
[@328832,OggggO] Pacific Gas & Electric 🤣
OggggO · 31-35, M
[@9416,Northwest] Too late, it's Proctor & Gamble's fault now. The fire was started by shampoo and laundry detergent.

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