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Philadelphia Freedom

Just watching a video of the "Stop the steal" pro tRump rally in Washington DC yesterday and some of them are dancing happily to Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom, a song sung by a gay Brit about a lesbian tennis player, Billie Jean King's tennis team, the Philadelphia Freedoms, totally hilarious, you just can't make this shit up, you don't have to, it writes itself! Should we tell them?
Graylight · 51-55, F
Fits right in there with Y.M.C.A.
Frank52 · 70-79, M
@spjennifer I know all that. My not-very-well expressed reply was to point up that Trump supporters don't do facts. Sorry if it came over as something else.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
@Frank52 No worries, I perhaps took your comments in the wrong context too, sarcasm isn't easily expressed in text and i now assume you were being sarcastic? Apologies too that I took your comment the wrong way :)
Frank52 · 70-79, M
@spjennifer You're right: sometimes tone just doesn't translate into print. Glad we're clear though. 👍
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spjennifer · 56-60, T
@RightSaidFred Lol, I "trashed" them because they were too stupid to realize what they were dancing and whooping it up to. If anyone had been brave enough to actually tell them that they were dancing to a song sung by a homosexual who was singing about a lesbian, just what do you honestly think their reaction would have been? You say you are a tRump (athletic) supporter, you know your kind, you tell me how they would have reacted because i can only imagine based on the filth that i've heard come out of some of their mouths about LGBTQ people... While you say you are not a homophobe, listen to some of them and tell me differently.


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spjennifer · 56-60, T
@RightSaidFred What, the truth has made you speachless? 🤭
Another delicious irony of these shit-for-brains Trumptards waving their Stop the Steal placards is that they don’t even realize that the courts, including the SCOTUS, have done precisely that.
They are all idiots.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
Tell them what?

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