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Lockdown in India for 21 days

can you imagine hundreds of thousands poor people are suffering in India due to this sudden lockdown with only 4 hours of notice.
thousands of labourers were on roads walking 500-600km to reach their homes , why this because the powerful people in govt didn't think about these people they're sleeping on roads ,hungry ,thirsty crying but still the government and its trolls (some trolls are here too) blame these people saying "these people are irresponsible why are they migrating"
they're migrating because of the failure of this government, what would poor labourers do in a state where they came to work without ome or with no money to pay rent for 21 days.
this government should have giveen atleast some time ,so people could prepare for themselves.
Pseudonym26-30, M

In all seriousness though, it is horrific. Are any charities currently stepping in to help these people? I think now more then ever they're going to require the extra funding. 馃槦
MasterofNone22-25, M
@Pseudonym Yes there is an official agency that is collecting funds.
This is bad... governments of course never think of anyone other than themselves and the rich. I hope you'll be able to stay safe!
If govenments give advice in advance for lockdown, many people move, crowds happen, and it is worse. The made it like that in Italy and Spain, see the results
What are you going to do for 21 days?
I get it, what is your action plan?
Ahaana22-25, F
@TheeOriginalAmazingsEXLover I don't know, I'll try to do what ever little help I can do...God forgive If I fail to help any needy...
and I am watching some web series and reading some books in this free time
I will pray for you, you poor, Sweet Thing! Message me if you want to share more indepth desires, needs or essentials! Poor sweet girl!
olderguy201670-79, M
Anti bjp propaganda .you are more concerned about govt than people and virus.
Ahaana22-25, F
@olderguy2016 begani shaadi mein english bhakt deewana...
romell46-50, M
Good intent bad execution
Ahaana22-25, F
@romell yeah
romell46-50, M
@Ahaana we have our own share of idiots
olderguy201670-79, M
@romell so idiots are safe from virus in India
ChloeYoung18-21, F
That鈥檚 really awful, people can be so judgemental without knowing the facts
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
Meanwhile rapes drop to zero
There鈥檚 over a billion of them.
Picklebobble256-60, M
A shameful way to treat anyone.
beefo26-30, M
DeWayfarer61-69, M

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