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UK Government

Right then, why oh why do they keep fuckign lying, they tell one thing one day and the next day they have to admit its not going to happen yet.

ALl these false promises from the testing
PPE (personal protecitve equipment)
saying they are prepared when clearing they aren't
not taking the EU up on medical help
putting an order into Dyson for 10,000 why at the same time telling Gtech to stop but telling people for days everyone will be making venertalors
not doing a proper lockdown
keeping chilren at school way too long

and then they have the nerve to try and blame China to defelct the blame from themselves.

Surly as the UK we deserve a better Government than this no matter who you vote for tory, labour, lib dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru you can't be happy at how this is being handled.
Carissimi · 61-69, F Best Comment
The western governments have been lying to us about wearing masks. Even CDC and WHO still stick to the story that masks don’t work, when they know they offer some protection. My own common sense knew that N95 works for anyone. Surgical masks to a much lesser extent, but something is better than nothing, especially if you are 6-feet away. Now, they are reluctantly admitting that the public, wearing masks, may be helpful. The Chinese have known for years that “my surgical mask protects you from me, and your surgical mask protects me from you.” With an infectious disease you reduce the chances of transmission by any percentage you can.

If there is a shortage of masks for healthcare workers, which there is, then tell us this is why you don’t want the public to wear them. Don’t lie to us by saying masks don’t work. They only work in medical settings. The virus can’t tell the difference between one setting and another, and with 25% infected with no symptoms, then you could have suggested we make our own masks, which many people are doing now. I believe some who are now dead, may have lived, if they had not been lied to.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
This is the problem: this attitude that thinks we are all idiots or 5-year-olds. If the powers that be think it’s a problem, have someone demonstrate how to don and doff a mask, like they do with washing hands. It’s not rocket science. @PicturesOfABetterTomorrow
@Carissimi It literally has absolutely nothing to do with being smart or an idiot.

Showing people how to wear one is literally not the point. Showing people how to wear a mask does not make it anymore useful. You can't fight a fire just because someone shows you how to wear a respirator and steel toe boots don't make you a competent construction worker. They are a specifically purpose made piece of safety equipment designed to work in conjunction with SOPs and protocols in a medical environment. They are not designed for scared people in the grocery store. And frankly the ignorance and simplistic way of looking at it is part of why they are not useful.

If you really feel the need to mess with PPE get military surplus NBC suits. At least they are designed to be used by any idiot 18 year old recruit.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@Carissimi yes I know and the tories don't seem to care or understand each figure is someone passing, all so heartless

Oneofthestormboys · 51-55, M
I honestly barely believe a word any of them ever say. It’s a career for them firstly and foremostly. I’m sure that to them, the truth is practically irrelevant as long as their careers are preserved long enough to get onto some other gravy train once they’ve been voted out. Look at the ex-speaker who’s desperately trying to rake in as much as he can while he’s still famous... Look at Tony Blair, who couldn’t wait to get paid exorbitant sums of money for public speaking...
Oneofthestormboys · 51-55, M
@milkymum1 Totally agree. No possible conflict of interests, reduce corruption that benefits an MP by creating selfish policies.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@Oneofthestormboys oh I haven't rread Viz for years, I thought it had stopped.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@Oneofthestormboys Yes its the ONLY way to be fully independent of ALL outside interests and actually take the peoples interests first, I'm so fed up of so many policitions all ending up being made board memebrs of certion companies becuase they were looked after when they were an MP;
okaybut · 51-55, M
Once this is over...our wise leaders will need to explain themselves and the poor management of this. And the bloody WHO is corrupt. Get rid of them!
okaybut · 51-55, M
@milkymum1 The USA pays WHO the most, but China controls it to a large part.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@okaybut So a illte like the UN then
okaybut · 51-55, M
@milkymum1 Yea. Same stuff!
plungesponge · 36-40, M
If you've ever seen the movie Contagion, the government is fighting 2 battles here, one is contain the virus and the other is to keep the public from panicing and causing a run on the banks. They're telling us a lot of optimistic crap because they are afraid a panicked population will implode the debt-fuelled economy
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@plungesponge No I haven't , can I see it anywhere?

Well that really didn't work did it as plenty went and panic bought the superstores dry of nearly everything.
plungesponge · 36-40, M
Yes, it's already started. But it can get much worse. Next will be the PPE that the healthcare system is already short of when everyone starts wearing masks, then will be medication, then food, then people start pulling their money out of the bank and the whole thing comes apart.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@plungesponge yes it has and its not like we haven't had time to prepare, we had 2 months from China and about 3 weeks from Italy and what did Boris and his cabinet do........ nothing

yes PPE and the testing as nothing is happening.

Well the food and drink went already with so many panic buying and the superstores near me don't open at night anymore as they have to try and restoke what they have as some people are still just panic buying.

yes Medication will be on the list as if it comes that this drug to stop Malaria with another drug works then the whole world will want them.

As for money what ever happens the rich will stay rich and we will stay poor
HatterM · 46-50, M
Voting in this govermnent despite their widely reported lies even during election campaigning has to be one of the stupidest decisions our nation has ever made, in my opinion. I try to take the minimum health info I need from them to stick to the rules but I believe they are lying with many of their "promises".
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@HatterM Yes was shocked about it during the GE and how the BBC tried to edit it to help the Tories. Yes the best you can do is actually take the info from other countries lead and take your own precautions as this government certinally won't look out for the ordinary person.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
English Governments have been total strangers to truth since 1066. Any student if history would tell you that.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@fairefoutre Well we certinally have the time now to go through the English History.
fairefoutre · 70-79, M
@milkymum1 Every dirty trick they play they wrap up in trickery
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@fairefoutre Yes they do as my dad said to me " I don't trust an MP as far as I can throw them but when it comes to one in governemnt then as soon as thier lips move they are lying!!
MySecretIdentity1 · 41-45, M
It creates the confused animal effect. When you are confused, you don't take decisive action, which, in a lot of cases, is not what any government wants.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@MySecretIdentity1 Theya re confussed on a good day let alone something like this!
Joeyyy · 26-30, M
Tbf the Chinese government has a lot to answer for and will after this is over world wide, they've tried blaming us, the US, and Italy for the virus now and they knew since November.

The government are trying not to panic people by setting dates/goals and moving them if they have to. Its like how Donald Trump said he wanted the economy open by Easter, its a goal to give people hope not a realistic aim. I know the keyworker kids at school is to prevent nurses from not being able to go to work. Every country could have acted faster as hindsight is 20/20 but people are doing their best.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@Joeyyy Out of spite no but it was the UK government policy so an active descion to do it so lakes it even worse.

He's made a slight change sicne he and Dominic Cummings his senior advisor who now control Number 10 and Number 11 the Chancellior!!!

Well here food is short becuase the government didn't do anything and people were seeing it on the news and took things into thier own hands.

Well the government here had told local councils to hosue all rough sleepers but I'm not sure that's happeend yet.

The government here with breixit didn't care if the ecconemy collasped as it was for Brexit but now they can see maybe that's not such a godo idea and have provided money for businesses

Well when someone like Boris has a proven track record of lying then its hard to beleive anything he says

well here key workers are NHS and social staff, schools and nurseries, Police officers, court staff, religous staff, jouralists, deleivery workers, army and MOD, Firefighters, prison staff, transport workers, infractructure workers like Gas and Elcetric, banks, buliding sites.
Joeyyy · 26-30, M
@milkymum1 The government definitely cares if the economy collapses, anyone with a family or not does. Nobody wants to starve and be homeless. Also Brexit wasn't the self destruction people made it out to be and it won't be (but we're just getting into opinion debate now so lets avoid talking about brexit lol). I don't know why Boris would lie about something that could kill him and his family, honestly I'm just not that pessimistic.

I wish we'd of closed borders and stopped flights from infected countries when this first started though, I'm pretty surprised actually. Seems a moot point to be isolating when infected people can just come here. They do need to get a handle on the testing situation also, they've set up some facilities as far as I know but they haven't moved on it yet. Luckily that hydrochloroquine combo seems to be promising in terms of treatment so theres some good news for a change. I think we're on the right track anyway, centralised government will always be incompetant but I guess its all we have unless individual communities become completely self reliant.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@Joeyyy Trust me the tories certinally didn't with the Brexit refuendum they activly said it will be harder for us, people will lose thier jobs but in the long run we will be ok.

Here we have had Austerity under the tories for 10 years and homelessnees has gone up to about 300,000 people , they really don't care here.

The current tory party are compelty heartless, they introduced the follwoing

bedroom tax, so if anyone had a spare bedroom they have to pay extra tax

cut 20,000 Polcie officers

cut 17,000 hospital beds

stopped 55b of school improvments

230 courts closed

Universal credit was designed to put all benifets into one but was massivley under fudned and takes at least 5 weeks to get any payment

478 liberies closed

600+ youth centers closed

road maintenece we still have roads covered in potholes and nothign is every doen properly to sort it

3.5 million choldren in povity

1.6 million people using food banks

Homelessness the ONLY time the tories took any notice was when Harry and Megan got marreid and they ordered Winder to get them all off the streets so it showed the UK in a godo light.

just to start with

yes Brexit is a differnet subject but all I'm saying is they awere prepeared to ruin the eccomney for that so they don't care

Boris lies he always does, he's a proven lier, he ONLY cares for himself he doesn't even care for his children.

well here after all the fuss with Brexit to take back control of OUR borders all 27 EU countries have closed thier boreders but OURS are still open, we are still takign flights from anywhere in the world with zero checks just a leaflet ahnded out telling people if they ahve these sytmpons to go to Hosptial.

Yes the Malaria drug with another is very positive

sorry its so long a reply
This message was deleted.
Oneofthestormboys · 51-55, M
@Concretedust I’ve asked you nicely, stop being rude please.
Boris is just like Donald.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@quitwhendone yes mini trump
ThePerfectUsername · 70-79, M
Where do you get your news? I'm in the UK and I don't recognise the picture you're trying to paint at all.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@ThePerfectUsername Watch the news!!!
ThePerfectUsername · 70-79, M
You don't have a very good grasp on how all this pandemic stuff works do you. @milkymum1
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@ThePerfectUsername really do enlighten me?????
Carissimi · 61-69, F
Thank you for BA. It’s true though. I didn’t trust them before Covid-19, now they add insult to injury by treating us like idiots. Thanks. 🙏
LvChris · 41-45, M
It's the same way we handled it here. People will say, "they want to tamp down a panic," but that's just the most convenient lie at the moment. They didn't take it seriously at all, and now they look all the worse for it. If only the felt as bad as they look, but they're--by and large--incapable of feeling shame... or compassion and empathy, turns out.
milkymum1 · 31-35, F
@LvChris Well put no to them it was a jolly joke , use the old Empire ways of the foot soldier as cannon fodder and sit back with thier feet up!!! and you certianlly know when Boris knows he's in the shit as he ALWAYS dissapears........ so convienient he supposidly has it now!!!!

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