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Not all white people suck but if you're white and love the police cause somebody has to have it worse to you we're better off without you.


I am white working class and I don't get how you could be white and essentially love the police for no other reason than the fact that they kill a few unarmed black teenagers and oppress the blacks.

this love affair poor white people have with the police seems to be motivate purely because they're miserable and so they look at the police as heroes because they essentially hold the black man down and if you're gonna have to live n a cardboard box I guess the white plague element I'm talking about wants the oher guy to live in a soggy cardboard box.

I don't think ANYONE should have to live in a cardboard box, but they call me a socialist for that, which is true, but i'm proud of it.

anyways if I really got to do what I want to do with those pigfucking poor white trash people who love the police cause at least somebodies got it worse than them I think my policy would be as hostile to them as the human race was to smallpox, eradication..

Ever seen elfen lied? the dog scene with lucy. If you need somebody to have it even worse than you you're not human.

You're an inhumane monster who deserves nothing but death.

I'm serious, the police don't exist to protect us white people anyways, at least not the poor ones, they're there purely for the benefit of the rich, they protect rich people even from poor white people ho might engage in IDFK shoplifting.

I'm more concerned that police have ruined the lives of several people I know for petty crimes like shop lifting than I am Celebrating the YAY BLACK MAN HAVE IT BAD!

it's fucking sick.

If you're white and love the cops cause somebody has to have it worse than you this whole planet is uplifted when you're gone.

so dear white police loving pigs, do us all a favor and eat a bullet.

nice day to the rest of you.
The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone's anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.
We need only consider the following:

A cop's job is to enforce the laws, all of them;

Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;

Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.

There are no good cops. - Robert Higgs
[@14748,Zebrawl] my sister works in the prisons...

and she wonders why her family fucking hates her....

she's in good with them, it makes me sick.
[@14748,Zebrawl] with mom in the hospital she actually came down when dad told her and you know what she told them? one of us must have given her illegal drugs...

I haven't even logged into the darknet looking drugs in a very long time and every time i'm on there i'm usually more interested in cracked passwords to paysites than anything else. dirt cheap porn cheap anime and netflix hulu..
[@14748,Zebrawl] thanks to my bitchy ass sister my mom can't even get pain medication because she had to suggest one of us was giving her shit....

not happy at all. Fuck the police. 8 whole weeks without pain meds so she can get tox screened again and prove she's not using. and all this because she wants to be the one to take care of mom- who absolutely does not want that.

an she's always trying to drive dad out of the picture because she thinks she can do a better job raising us than him.
Just because you’re not happy about the way some police officials have or do conduct themselves doesn’t mean they are [b]all[/b] bad or that we should all of us hate the police or be hated. What kind of rhetoric is that.
[@14748,Zebrawl] the whole institution was built historically to essentially capture runaway slaves... it hasn't gotten better since we outlawed slavery. They found a way to keep slavery going, all they had to do was essentially look at what black people do and then make substances they consume illegal and disproportionately enforcing the laws against those substances on racial minorities.

because the amendent banning slavery says that as long as somebody is in jail involunary servitude is acceptable.

So just make all the minorites into criminals for something most of them do and throw them all in prison. Slavery never went away.

it just got smarter and evolved.

your whole war on drugs was designed to keep slavery going. they target hippies and minorities.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
I thought you were a trust fund kid with stock market savvy.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] that doesn't make it any less wrong.
[@383281,Jackaloftheazuresand] You really want me to shed a Tear for poor amazon getting ripped off by me?


Both those corporations have everything I jacked from them coming.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] No. I want you to explain how it's not wrong.

Frankly, you have some things coming to you. They would still be immoral for someone to do to you.
Fuck the police
[@946223,RamessesII] all decent people hate the police. No one decent supports them.
I don’t hate the police.
7 months ago
If you want to work for the systems that Control and oppresses then your probably a bad person
Don’t you think you should first find out. [@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots]

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