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Sexism Is EVERYWHERE! Start Fighting It NOW!

Okay....I used to think women who forever cried about sexism while making more money than a lot of male doctors and nurses I know were ... well, delusional and just not very nice people.

Well baby...I was WRONG!

I was doing some research and found sexism INFECTS the English language. In the UK they have - can you believe it? - a city named MANchester, plus a whole damned island called...get ready!...the Isle of MANN! And you see! Those crazy sexist Brits actually ADDED A LETTER to make the sexist name more pronounced! How could ANY woman stand to live there?!? Even the completely useless Canadians have a whole fucking PROVINCE named MANitoba!

Sexist pigs.

Then I realized the country of my birth is also guilty! What sexist caveperson chose MANila as the capital? Especially since every girl born there knows the non-wo's (I REFUSE to use the sexist half of that word out of principle) there are so pathetic!

But if you think we people are bad .. look at the natural world! We have MANatees, Praying MANtises (sickening! Sexist and promoting religious bigotry!). Even the fucking PLANTS are sexist - MANgroves! How would you like to be a woke plant (and A LOT of people have the personality and mentality of house plants) and have to put up with saying "Good morning" or "Good night" (you see! That hateful religious reference! GOoD Night?) to some sexist tree? I think no, no and NO!

So let's join together - wopeople and the 57.34 other genders and FIGHT this evil!

For my part I will never listen to Al Gore again or vote for Bernie Sanders. They BOTH live in MANsions!

Sexist pigs.
I seriously hope you're mocking how stupid it's become, but part of me is worried that you're not...
@Abrienda same here though people genuinely hate me for it
Abrienda · 26-30, F
@TopCat Wanna take a look at MY hate mail? The best though is when I am called either a white supremacist or homophobic or Russian bot...for reasons anyone who bothered reading my Profile would appreciate.
@Abrienda 😂😂 Russian bot made me laugh. I thought why would someone call anyone a Russian bottom, how is that an insult. Then I realised what it meant lol
Yes but we have to be smart about it.
You cannot fight fire with fire... These feminazis are doing more damage to 'their own cause'
jlsdjfhasdljfhasdfa · 41-45, M
Calling other nations Sexist pigs is not a very polite way to advance your point. People who are just born the country have no Idea, all they know this is the name of the place.

If you are going to be rude and disrespectful to other it just does not help.
Abrienda · 26-30, F
@jlsdjfhasdljfhasdfa My God...aren't you intelligent enough to know what SATIRE is? What is wrong with you? And what "nation" am I referring to?

You are an absolute MORON if you thought I was SERIOUS and show not only low intelligence but low culture and NO sense if humor.

If you are going to make silly, non-sequitur posts on every one of my threads that is not going to make YOU look very good, either.
Even history is sexist..HIS Story?? How about HER Story???? #thewhitemalepatriarchy #meetoo #socialjustice #hashtag
@Abrienda ugh, Men.

Abrienda · 26-30, F
@MrBlueGuy The Simpsons ALWAYS got it right!🤗

What the actual fuck is your problem?
Abrienda · 26-30, F
@AmbivalentFriability My "actual" problem is I don't allow animals to use obscenity on my threads. Guess you can't take a joke. Blocked for those reasons and for having a hideous avatar and mouth.
lucyyy · 51-55, F
@AmbivalentFriabilityYeah! Watch your mouth !
Phire1 · 46-50, F
@Abrienda Marked safe

Does this mean women in business should not be MANagers?
Abrienda · 26-30, F
@BizSuitStacy YES! Let the fight for sex-free language begin!
@Abrienda change request for dominatrix instead. Wait...doh!
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
I stopped listening to gore and sanders long ago for different reasons
WeighedDown · 36-40, M
That's why the female mantis bites the males head off
Abrienda · 26-30, F
@WeighedDown Thank you....but as this is a sexist-free zone in kindly do NOT use "male" dominated words (you used two). Please refer to the following guide on acceptable usage for my threads -

"feMALE MANtis" = fe bugtis (or non-fe bugtis).

" MALES" = non-fes.

Consider yourself warned.
Oster1 · M
Hilariously well written😁,,,,,,hahahaha touche!......great way to get a point across:)
katielass · F
You are truly a delight.
Abrienda · 26-30, F
@katielass You too kid!🤗
Phire1 · 46-50, F
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Abrienda · 26-30, F
@Vishnu Then you are not welcomed here. Go get your sexual thrills somewhere else with someone else.
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